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New Products & Services

October 2019

This mixer features built-in powder-induction technology

Charles Ross & Son

VersaMix multi-shaft mixers (photo) incorporate a proprietary powder-induction feature for efficient charging of thickeners to produce high-quality gels, creams and pastes. The VersaMix includes a three-winged anchor and a high-speed disperser blade, which provide a robust combination of shear and bulk flow at various stages of the mixing cycle. The third agitator, a rotor-stator emulsifying head, showcases the unique Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold (SLIM) technology for convenient subsurface raw-material additions. All shaft seals are lubricant-free. Operated from an 11-in. touchscreen, a recipe system enables convenient batching based on speed, time, temperature and vacuum level. The VersaMix is available in laboratory-scale and production sizes upwards of 2,000 gal. — Charles Ross & Son Co., Hauppauge, N.Y.

A new, flexible safety system simplifies plant modernization

HIMA Paul Hildebrandt

The new, flexible and scalable HIQuad X (photo) safety system fits into this company’s Smart Safety Platform, which unifies all of its safety systems. Hardware and software are closely aligned. Plant operators thus receive a scalable solution that they can use to cover the complete safety and security requirements for a wide range of small- and large-scale applications. The HIQuad X system also enables the use of SIL 3 modules with integrated intrinsic safety (Ex protection). Users no longer need a separate isolation amplifier for their intrinsically safe SIL circuits. The benefits of the diagnostics provided can therefore be utilized at the field-device level without any losses. — HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH, Brühl, Germany

Double-sided escape route luminaires for Zone 1

R. Stahl Schaltgeräte

The new LED light fixture (luminaire) for escape-path-marker signs (photo) is suitable for Zone 1/21. The sign is attached to a suspended panel, making it easily visible from both sides of an escape route from a distance of 30 m, and thus, eliminates the need for installation of a second luminaire in passageways. This means that the standard-compliant procurement and operating costs for emergency lighting in hazardous areas can be significantly reduced. As an additional option, the luminaires are also available with an address module for a fail-safe emergency power supply using a central battery. Users can also get the luminaires with a DALI interface for network integration. — R. Stahl Schaltgeräte GmbH, Waldenburg, Germany


This compact air filter is highly energy efficient

Mann+Hummel International

The Aircube Eco 4V ePM1 60% compact air filter (photo) is designed for the filtration of indoor air in buildings and process units. The filter conforms to the ISO 16890 standard and has an A+ energy rating according to Eurovent. The filter is said to have the lowest energy consumption on the market and fulfills all the relevant standards with regard to hygiene (VDI 6022), including the EN13501 E d0 fire-protection standard. In addition, the FDA requirements to enable use in the pharmaceutical and food industries (EG 1935/2004 and EU10/2011) are fulfilled. The materials used are free of animal-derived ingredients (ADI free) and meet the requirements of the ISO 846 standard with regard to the growth of microorganisms. — Mann+Hummel International GmbH & Co. KG, Ludwigsburg, Germany


Automated viscometer performs high-throughput analysis


The automatic VROC initium Model II viscometer (photo) is now available for viscosity characterization of any solvent-based solutions. VROC (viscometer-rheometer-on-a-chip) technology combines microfluidic and MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) technologies to measure dynamic viscosity over a wide range of operation. High-throughput and timely measurements are now easier to perform and more productive, says the company. Accurate and precise viscosity measurement is assured with self-diagnosis, leaving no uncertainty. The viscometer can measure intrinsic viscosity and true viscosity, even at high shear rates up to 148,000/s with minimal sample volume. Sample recovery after measurement helps save samples for further analysis. The system performs viscosity analysis of the sample for the process and quality control, or for product development. Samples placed in a vial rack or 96-well plate are automatically picked up and tested. Larger payloads of solvent bottles allow measurement of 96 samples with a single charge of solvents. — RheoSense, Inc., San Ramon, Calif.

This machinery protection system has SIL-2 certification

Brüel & Kjær Vibro

The VC-8000 Setpoint machinery-protection system (photo) has received SIL-2 certification, allowing it to be specified and used as part of SIL-rated functional safety applications. These typically include, but are not limited to, radial vibration, axial position and bearing temperature measurements commonly encountered in machinery-protection systems on pumps, motors, compressors, turbines and other critical rotating and reciprocating machinery. The system underwent rigorous independent testing and evaluation as part of this third-party certification process to ensure compliance with ISO 61508 and ISO 61511 standards. These sectors typically require full compliance with American Petroleum Institute (API) Standard 670 for Machinery Protection Systems, cybersecurity certification to standards such as IEC 62443, and SIL certification to ISO 61508 and 61511. The VC-8000 is now compliant with the rigorous requirements of all three. — Brüel & Kjær Vibro GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany


This valve sensing-and-control unit has been re-engineered

Alfa Laval Kolding

The second-generation ThinkTop V50 and V70 control units have been re-engineered to offer fast and intuitive setup and commissioning; a repositioned Gore vent; a more compact and aesthetic design; burst-seat clean functionality; and a QR code for easy online access to supplementary materials and direct support. The new automated setup feature offers manufacturers quick, easy commissioning — up to 90% faster than the previous generation, says the manufacturer. The new ThinkTop fits on any of this company’s valves, making it suitable for all retrofits. It features self-diagnostics, checking and remedying operations when required, and an enhanced 360-deg LED visual-status indication so that operators can clearly see the valve status from any location on the production floor. Furthermore, the new ThinkTop V50 and V70 meet the protection classes IP66, IP67 and IP69K. — Alfa Laval Kolding A/S, Kolding, Denmark


A new explosion-proof motor for hazardous locations

Larson Electronics

The new EXP-MTR-1P-115.230-2HP-3.6K-56HC fractional explosion-proof motor (photo) is rated for use in Class I, Divisions 1 and 2, Groups C and D; and Class II, Divisions 1 and 2, Groups E, F, and G hazardous locations. This thermally protected unit has a 2-hp motor that offers 9.8 full-load A and 4.4 A of non-load current. The motor can generate 3,450 rpm and provides 3 ft-lb of torque with 120% locked-rotor torque and 250% breakdown torque. The motor is fully enclosed (IP55 rated), fan-cooled and has an ambient temperature rating of 50ºC. — Larson Electronics LLC, Kemp, Tex.


Thermal transfer printers for industrial applications

Phoenix Contact

The new generation of thermal transfer printers (photo) produce high-quality industrial identification markings quickly and reliably. The printer systems have an integrated color touch display that guides users through the menu intuitively and conveniently using clear symbols. The Thermomark Card 2.0 prints marking materials in card and sheet format. The Thermomark Roll 2.0 is a versatile, efficient roll printer for a wide range of marking materials in roll and endless format. Thermal transfer-printing technology provides maintenance-free operation. Automatic material detection ensures optimal printer settings and prevents printing errors. The Thermomark Card 2.0 prints markers in card format in just 8 s, and has a print resolution of 300 dots per inch (dpi). The Thermomark Roll 2.0 also processes materials for marking terminals, conductors, cables, devices, and systems, with a print resolution of 300 dpi at a maximum print width of 105 mm and length of 1,000 mm. — Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Blomberg, Germany