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August 2019

Interlock combines maximum force in a compact package


The new HS1T interlock switch with solenoid (photo) delivers an industry-leading 5,000 N of locking force, with many features included to maximize protection in machine and equipment guarding applications. Such interlock switches are incorporated into machinery and equipment to both monitor and lock gates, doors and similar access points. Many of these applications endure high vibration, thrown debris, physical abuse and even bypass attempts, so they must have a high locking force. Delivering 5,000 N of locking force, the HS1T is much more powerful than comparably-sized devices. This is achieved in such a compact size due to a metal head integrating the locking and mounting functions, an improvement over older designs, where the head could break away from the mounting body. Also, to maximize installation options, the remaining actuator portion can be independently rotated from the high-strength head using only one screw. — IDEC Corp., Sunnyvale, Calif.


Modular kit system now has a new electrical connector

Eisele Pneumatics

The Multiline E multiple and multi-media connector for connecting functional groups to robots and machines now has an additional M12 power plug for providing electrical power. The high-performance M12 connector (photo), which features five pins and L-coding, is designed for applications requiring high power density in a compact space. The modular system for combining compressed air, vacuum, gases, coolants, liquids and electrical and electronic signals in one connector body now includes a new insert for voltages up to 63 V a.c./d.c Designed for up to 16 A per pin, the connector is shock-resistant and vibration-proof, as well as reverse-polarity protected and non-twisting. The power plug is used for supplying power to high-power devices, such as linear drives and step motors, or as a power line for fieldbus modules. — Eisele Pneumatics GmbH & Co. KG, Waiblingen, Germany


Genuine free-flow plate heat exchangers

Kelvion Germany

The gasketed-plate heat exchangers of the NF series (photo) offer a free flow for all media. Unlike traditional models with herringbone corrugation, which have tapered flow channels, the channel cross-section of the NF series is always consistent. This allows particles to pass through more easily. The free-flow plate heat exchangers have a regular plate gap of up to 10 mm and a coarsely corrugated plate profile, ensuring a blockage-free operation with fibrous and solid media at high heat-transfer performance. The manufacturer’s brazed-plate heat exchangers are used in the paper-and-pulp production process as highly efficient heat pumps, for example. They are characterized by a compact design and low investment and operating costs. — Kelvion Germany GmbH, Bochum, Germany


These heavy-duty butterfly valves handle abrasives


The Series 585/586 inflatable seated butterfly valves (photo) are designed for the most severe of applications. The heavy-duty seat has been designed for higher operating pressures and temperatures. Standard valve sizes range from 2 to 24 in. (50–600 mm) and fit both ANSI and metric flanges. The valve is ideally suited for abrasive materials, such as sand, feldspar, flyash and most other dry, granular materials. The inflatable seat design provides a better seal by utilizing air pressure to expand the seat against the disc, providing more sealing area and an even pressure distribution against the disc every time. The seat automatically compensates for wear when it inflates against the disc, extending valve life considerably. The valves are available in a wide variety of construction materials, including stainless steel and aluminum. — Posi-flate, St. Paul, Minn.



A new compressor series for high-pressure requirements

J. P. Sauer & Sohn Maschinenbau

The air-cooled Orkan series (photo) comprises oil-lubricated piston compressors and gas compressors of up to 110 kW for final pressures of up to 500 barg. Booster solutions with inlet pressures of up to 16 barg are also covered. The new series is expected to enter the market within the first quarter of 2020. The Orkan series is based on a versatile, modular system. Various designs are ready for handling special requirements. There are hermetically gas-tight and explosion-proof versions for helium, natural gas and hydrogen. In the hermetically gas-tight compressors, the company uses a new type of magnet coupling for the first time. It not only guarantees absolute gas-tightness but is also extremely low-maintenance and operates with maximum reliability, says the company. — J. P. Sauer & Sohn Maschinenbau GmbH, Kiel, Germany


A new filter press for cost-effective filtration


For standard filtration applications, when a short delivery lead-time and safe, reliable operation are priorities, the new FP-S filter press (photo) offers efficient solid-liquid separation. It is available in a wide range of configurations, and is backed by the company’s technical services to ensure reliable process performance and long equipment lifetime. The new FP-S Filter Press offers the same safety, reliability and quality as the company’s other filtration solutions, but is designed for less demanding applications that do not require product tailoring to meet the exact need of each process. The FP-S filter press is suitable for a broad range of applications, including filtration in bulk mining, tailings, metallurgical refineries, industrial minerals, food, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. It is available with filtration areas ranging from 1 to 1,000 m 2 of filtration area. — Outotec Oyj, Espoo, Finland


Analyze cells with this smart cytometry system

Sartorius Group

Launched in late June, the Intellicyt iQue3 (photo) is designed to provide fully automated processing and analysis for flow-cytometry workflows, taking users from samples to actionable answers faster than ever before. Successor to the iQue Screener PLUS, the new generation instrument offers even more user-friendly operation and enhanced process security to ensure consistent and reliable results with minimal user intervention. One of the iQue3’s new features is an enhanced rinse station that actively monitors buffer usage. With built-in liquid level detection, this module offers a smarter way to ensure users always have sufficient buffers to complete a run. This is complemented by a number of updates to the system’s intuitive ForeCyt software, which uses a unique templated analysis approach to offer intelligent, fully automated data processing. This powerful software solution has been specifically developed to alleviate common processing bottlenecks by eliminating the need for manual data analysis and providing real-time visualization of your data for virtually any cell- or bead-based assay. — Sartorius Group, Göttingen, Germany






Modular wireless solution for outdoor use

Phoenix Contact

The new Radioline outdoor box (photo) can be installed directly outdoors for quick and easy wireless transfer of input/output (I/O) signals and serial data. Users can select the wireless modules (the alternatives are 868, 900 or 2,400 MHz) and the type and number of I/O extension modules when selecting the correct unit. The robust, splash-proof-, and ultraviolet (UV)-resistant housing is rated for IP66 protection and is perfect for direct installation outdoors and can be used for temperatures in the –25 to 55°C range. The completely pre-wired control box with integrated power-supply unit, surge protection, selected wireless module and I/O extension modules enables intuitive commissioning and makes configuration easier. — Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Blomberg, Germany


Protect R&D personnel with this ceiling-mounted filtration unit

Air Science

Purair SKY ceiling-mounted filtration units (photo) are designed to protect laboratory personnel and the environment in areas where hazardous substances are handled. These units feature a dynamic-filtration chamber with a sliding filter clamp that allows for simple, quick filter changes. Units come with an epoxy-coated steel support frame with LED lighting and wall-mounted controls. An electrostatic pre-filter helps trap additional contaminants and increase filter life. Central to the design of the Purair SKY Series is the Multiplex Filtration System developed to ensure universal protection in the work environment. — Air Science, Fort Myers, Fla.


High plant availability and simplified Profibus integration

This company just released version 1.20 of its Modbus-to-Profibus gateways (photo), adding redundancy for critical process-control applications, and adding XML import for simplified integration into Schneider Electric engineering systems. The Modbus-to-Profibus Gateways mbGate PA, mbGate PB and mbGate DP enable the direct integration of Profibus PA and DP segments into Modbus/TCP systems. They act as Modbus server and Profibus master and connect up to four Profibus PA segments, as well as one DP segment with Modbus TCP. Version 1.20 now supports the operation of two redundant gateways in combination with two redundant Modbus controllers. In this way, system availability is ensured even in the event of a connection failure. — Softing Industrial Automation GmbH, Haar, Germany


This multi-gas instrument has been enhanced


The PS200 portable multi-gas detection instrument (photo) now features some new enhancements. One such improvement is a powerful new datalogging capacity that will enable users to capture all relevant calibration and session data over a six-month period. This increased capacity will improve users’ access to relevant data while enabling quicker decisions to be made. Another helpful addition is the new quick-press field-calibration mode, which saves time by simplifying the field-calibration process. Users can also visualize short- and long-term exposures to CO and H2S, enabling them to quickly determine current exposure rates and take appropriate action. — GMI, a company within the 3M Personal Safety Division, Renfrew, Scotland