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August 2020

New PLC with explosion-proof options


The HI-TBS programmable logic controller (PLC; photo) combines ultra-bright LED technology with 0.1% accuracy to deliver a customizable digital panel meter for applicational use across a wide variety of industries. In addition to serving as a PLC, the TBS is also serviceable as a remote display/controller in applications requiring a computing controller, a DCS for process interface, SCADA interface and single-loop processes. Comparable to the industry-standard 4-in. ANSI meter, the TBS is also available in an explosion-proof housing and sanitary case for Class1E applications. — Otek Corp., Tuscon, Ariz.

Quantitative/qualitative analysis of gases at ambient pressure

Pfeiffer Vacuum

OmniStar (photo) and ThermoStar GSD 350 are compact, portable benchtop instruments for analyzing gases at atmospheric pressure. They are particularly used for applications in chemical processes, in the semiconductor industry, metallurgy, fermentation, catalysis, freeze-drying and environmental analysis. The gas inlet is fitted with a heated capillary for use at up to 350°C. This prevents vapors from condensing during process gas analysis. Thanks to the two-stage inlet system, an almost segregation-free gas supply is possible. The ThermoStar was specially developed for coupling with thermo balances. The inlet system with a quartz capillary and a platinum orifice ensures that even the smallest concentrations can be analyzed. The OmniStar was developed for a wide range of applications and uses a stainless-steel capillary as well as a valve which can interrupt the sample gas stream. Unlike other analytical methods such as FTIR or GC-FID, the two new devices allow simultaneous detection of all gases within the mass range. — Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH, Asslar, Germany


New technologies enhance metallic filter elements

Porvair Filtration Group

This company has launched a range of surface-modification technologies that can be applied to metallic filter elements (photo) to enhance their material properties in challenging environments, improving filter performance and lifetime. Sinterguard PHC extends the life of 316 stainless steel and exotic alloys in highly corrosive fluid environments. Sinterguard HTR extends the service life of 316L stainless steel and exotic alloys at elevated temperatures. In addition to corrosion resistance, these technologies can enable increased temperature resistance, enhanced chemical compatibility or inertness, improved cleanability (both in situ within the process or offline) and enhanced wear resistance. — Porvair Filtration Group, Ltd., Fareham, U.K.

Modular cleaning system for tanks of all sizes

GEA Group

The OC200 orbital cleaner (photo) rotates around the horizontal and vertical axis, providing a modular and efficient solution for the cleaning of hygienic process, storage and fermentation tanks of all sizes. The OC200 can be equipped with two, three or four nozzles of differing length and diameter. The internal profiling of the nozzles creates a high-impact jet, which ensures intensive cleaning of the inner surface of the tank or container. The orbital cleaner can be operated at pressures ranging from 4 to 10 bars. It covers a wide range of tank sizes with its variance in terms of the number of nozzles, variable nozzle diameters, lengths and rotation speeds. Thanks to its powerful jets, it can clean tanks with a diameter of up to 36 m. — GEA Group AG, Düsseldorf, Germany


Custom-designed pre-filter vessel

Charles Ross & Son

This company recently fabricated a pre-filter vessel constructed of 304L stainless steel, capable of 200 psi and full vacuum at 200°F. It is designed, built and stamped according to ASME Code Section VIII, Div. 1. The vessel has a working capacity of 6,500-gallons and is fully hydrotested. Similar custom-fabricated tanks, reactors and pressure vessels are used throughout the process industries for various manufacturing and storage functions. — Charles Ross & Son Co., Hauppauge, N.Y.



Ethernet safety I/O modules with IP67 protection

Hans Turck

The TBIP and TBPN full safety block input/output (I/O) modules (photo) control safety applications directly from the field and thus simplify modular machinery for Profisafe and CIP Safety, respectively. The robust IP67 modules provide safety input and output signals directly from the field to the safety controller. The modules can alternatively be used as decentralized safety controllers in the field. This function optimizes modular machinery and also applications in which long bus cycle times to the central controller would require greater safety distances. — Hans Turck GmbH & Co. KG, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany

A space-saving innovation for control boxes and cabinets

R. Stahl

With this company’s new cover-installation concept for Ex control boxes and cabinets, users can install components directly onto the backside of the enclosure cover (photo), rather than on mounting rails deep in the control stations. Enclosures that are equipped in this way are said to be very easy to maintain. Actuators and control elements positioned underneath them, which are fitted directly to the captive hinge cover so that they are accessible, can also be easily replaced. In just a few steps, the contact blocks and LED pilot lights can be positioned safely and precisely underneath the actuator and can be wired and controlled conveniently from below. — R. Stahl, Waldenburg, Germany

Remote, IoT-enabled monitoring of AODD pumps

Wilden Pump and Engineering

SafeGuard (photo) is an IoT-enabled (internet of things) pump-monitoring system that remotely tracks, records and alerts users to key performance indicators — such as leak detection, stroke rate and total stroke count — of air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps during operation. It provides realtime alerts via SMS or email to indicate any noteworthy change in operations that may be a precursor to or indicators of component failure. SafeGuard also provides the ability to store maintenance records to help identify patterns to further enhance preventative maintenance plans. SafeGuard has been designed to monitor a single pump or a fleet of AODD pumps within one dedicated software system. The connected SafeGuard system is composed of a single battery-powered sensor mounted directly onto the pump. This sensor collects and analyzes pump-performance data in real time and transmits it to a central gateway for encryption and transmission to the Cloud, where it can be accessed through a secure smartphone app or online portal. — Wilden Pump and Engineering Co., Grand Terrace, Calif.

A device for smart time-control applications

Phoenix Contact

The new multifunctional MACX-TR timer relays (photo) make simple time-control applications smart. The combination of push-buttons and innovative OLED display allows easy operation directly at the device. As an option, NFC communication and the smartphone application (app) provide further setting options, such as the simultaneous configuration of several devices. Shutdown and switch-on times can be set precisely using the intuitive menu navigation system. Specific time values save the need for converting and checking the entries. Moreover, password protection prevents unauthorized access. The devices, at just 22.5 mm, are available either with screw connection or push-in connection technology. — Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Blomberg, Germany

The next evolutionary level of explosion protection

Similar to a process control system, the iQ Safety Cockpit offers an overview of all relevant protective and equipment system status, which can also be monitored in real time from any location remotely via a smartphone. Detailed, automatic and semi-automatic action plans can be linked and initiated with this system. If an event occurs in a certain area, sending an email or an SMS text message to a pre-defined distribution group can be automated to bring the incident to their attention (photo). For example, in the event of an explosion, the responsible safety officer might be informed by text message via a service phone, the surveillance cameras in the affected area could be activated or set to a different mode and management would receive an email. The iQ Safety Cockpit guides the logged-in user through the pre-defined plan of action. — Rembe GmbH Safety + Control, Brilon, Germany


A laboratory mixer for high-containment applications

Gebr. Lödige Maschinenbau

This company has built the smallest machine in its company history in order to meet the highly specialized demands of the high-containment segment. The new Ploughshare laboratory mixer type L1 (photo) supplements the L series and has a drum volume of only one liter. Thanks to its small drum and an angle drive, it is incredibly compact. Moreover, all components are easy to remove, meaning that wear parts in particular, which must be inserted into the glovebox through an airlock, are easy to replace and reinstall. The compact Ploughshare laboratory mixer is a special addition to the L Series. L Series machines are designed for development and small batch production and are available in several sizes, with drum volumes generally ranging from 5 to 50 L. — Gebr. Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH, Paderborn, Germany


Diesel-tank level transmitters for oil-and-gas applications

Ametek U.S. Gauge

The Model 575 intrinsically safe level transmitter (photo, p. 24) and the Model DDMC meter/controller can continuously monitor the fuel level in diesel storage tanks. The Model 575 level transmitter is placed in the liquid, and an optional conduit adapter is used in the tank to protect the cable. The Model DDMC meter is used to power the Model 575 transmitter through approved electrical barriers. The DDMC also provides a continuous display of the level in the tank. The Model 575 submersible level transmitter is a hydrostatic level product for quick, reliable level measurement. It comes standard with CSA Intrinsically Safe approvals for many different level-monitoring needs, including lifts stations, inventory tank measurement, landfills, reservoirs or any type of water-treatment facility. — Ametek U.S. Gauge, Horsham, Pa.


Non-intrusive measurement of very low liquid flows


The Fluxus F721 XLF (photo) is a non-intrusive ultrasonic flowmeter designed to provide precise measurement of flowrates of 3 L/h and below in small pipes with diameters from 10 to 50 mm. Since the clamp-on transducers are mounted on the outside of the pipe, meter installation and commissioning can be achieved without causing any interruption to the process. Furthermore, the external flow-measurement system works independently of pipe-wall thickness and pressure ranges and does not cause pressure loss. As the measuring device does not come into direct contact with the flowing media, it is not subject to wear and tear. This results in lower operational costs over the entire lifecycle and increased operational and environmental safety because risk of leakage is ruled out. — Flexim GmbH, Berlin, Germany