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New Products & Services

October 2021

Unmanaged switches with IP67 degree of protection

These new unmanaged switches for field installation expand the product range of Ethernet switches from this company. The new 1608 and 1708 variants of the FL Switch 1000 (photo) product family feature IP65/IP66/IP67 degrees of protection and make it easier to integrate distributed sensors, actuators, cameras and input-output (I/O) stations into the network. The rugged housing design provides nearly unlimited options for choosing a mounting position. The flexible M12 connection technology lets the user choose between using classic M12 connectors with screw connection, and the M12 Push-Pull fast locking system from this company. The unmanaged switches support the quality-of-service (QoS) functionalities of the FL Switch 1000 product series for customary use of automation protocol prioritization. — Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Blomberg, Germany


A broad range of mixers for sanitary processing

This company’s sanitary mixers for pharmaceutical applications (photo) feature 316 stainless-steel shafts and polished impellers, making them ideal for applications where clean-in-place (CIP) or washdown capability is necessary or where sanitary conditions must be maintained. Direct- and gear-drive versions are available, and gear reducers are sealed and contain only food-grade lubricants. Sanitary mixers for drums and tanks are available with air or totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motors, from 0.5 to 2 h.p. In addition to use in pharmaceutical applications, they are suitable for use within the food and cosmetics industries. Tri-Clamp mount mixers with externally mounted dry-running mechanical seals are available for sealed tank mixing. They feature USP-Class VI EPDM or Viton elastomers and tri-clamp mounts in sizes ranging from 2 to 6 in., or with 150-lbANSI flange mounts. PhD- and PhG-Series (photo) direct-drive and gear-driven mixers feature wetted parts, mounting flanges, seal housings and motor mounts in 316 stainless steel corrosion-free operation in cGMP environments. Air-driven, electric and explosion-proof models are available. — INDCO, New Albany, Ind.


New metering pump is said to be pulsation-free

New Hydra-Cell P700 Series metering pumps feature a hydraulically balanced, multiple-diaphragm design to provide smooth, linear, virtually pulse-free flow without the need for expensive pulsation dampeners. Employing variable frequency drive (VFD) electronic flow control adjustment, P700 metering pumps deliver precise, accurate flow throughout the turndown range at up to 1,394 gal/h, with discharge pressure ratings to 1,200 psi (83 bars). As part of the full line of Hydra-Cell sealless pumps, the P700 features patented diaphragm position control that protects the pump and enables operation in case of a closed inlet. Since the process fluid is not used for lubrication, the P700 can run dry indefinitely. According to the company, a replenishment valve in every piston assembly ensures optimum actuating oil on every stroke for continuous accuracy. New Hydra-Cell P700 metering pumps are available in a choice of brass, ductile iron, Duplex Alloy 2205, 316L stainless steel and Hastelloy C pump head materials. Several diaphragm and check valve materials of construction allow the P700 to be used in a wide range of processing and other metering applications. The check valve orientation and sealless design enable the P700 to handle abrasive particulates up to 800 microns in size, according to the manufacturer. — Wanner Engineering, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn.




A new two-piece pneumatic automated V-ball valve

This company's direct-mount pneumatically actuated, stainless-steel V-ball package (photo) is said to have the smallest total dimensional envelope in the industry, reducing installation materials and labor costs. The valves are available in sizes½- to 2-in. NPT. The compact NPT threaded packages provide precision control and long, reliable service life. Ball-port choices include 30/60-, 60- or 90-deg V-balls. The Valpres 700076V stainless-steel V-port ball valve comes standard with 23% carbon-filled and 2% graphite-filled seats. The valve also incorporates dual Viton O-ring stem seals for long-lasting leak-free performance over an operating temperature range of –4 to 366˚F. The pressure rating is 1,000 psi water, oil, gas (WOG), 150 psi steam. — Bonomi North America, Charlotte, N.C.


A complete package for decentralized power supplies

This company now offers a fully comprehensive M12 Power product portfolio in K, L, S and T codings. Besides the already available overmolded M12 Power cables, the M12 Power range now also includes field wireable male connectors, receptacles and junctions, as well as adapter cables (photo) for M12 to 7/8-in. connections. In addition to the connection technology, the company is also offering M12 Power technology in robust I/O and RFID block modules, as well as power-supply units with IP67 protection. The wide range of possible combinations enables simple and efficient solutions for a structured and decentralized power supply — from the power-supply unit to the control cabinet through to any end devices. Users benefit from high system availability, as well as time and cost savings thanks to the safe and high-performance power transfer — even at high ambient temperatures. The four- and five-pin L-coded, as well as four-pin T-coded, M12 Power connectors, are specially designed for use with d.c. power-supply units for up to 63 V d.c./16 A. The 5-pin K coded and 4-pin S coded variants were developed for power supplies up to 630 V a.c./16 A and are particularly suitable for the power supply of a.c. motors and drives. — Hans Turck GmbH & Co. KG, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany


These signal interface modules are compact and reliable

This line of interface modules (photo) are used to simplify and improve reliability of automation connections and signal conversions. When creating automation systems using major PLC brands, designers are challenged to connect an ever-increasing number of equipment signals to the I/O modules. These signals may be discrete (on/off at anywhere from 5 V d.c. up to 120 V a.c.), analog (usually 4–20 mA or 0–10 V d.c.), or other specialized signaling levels. Even standardized equipment designs may need to be automated using a variety of controller and I/O models to comply with end user requirements. Instead of being constrained to standard factory wiring arms and bulkier terminal blocks, users can gain flexibility selecting from a range of universal interface modules and associated cables, which are available with popular industry-standard connectors. A single wiring harness routes from the I/O module to the interface module. Some of these interface modules are available with traditional screw-cage terminal blocks, but most versions use newer push-in design (PID) terminations. — Dinkle International, Missouri City, Tex.


A larger-capacity, multi-stage centrifugal pump

With the introduction of a third size in the Hilge Contra range, this company expands the performance spectrum of its centrifugal pumps up to flowrates of 100 m3/h. The new G Hilge Contra III meets the general requirements of the dairy, beverage and food industries. It is particularly well-suited for demanding pharmaceutical applications in which sterile, no-cast materials in clean-in-place (CIP)and  steam-in-place (SIP) capable specialized pumps are a critical factor in the manufacture of life science products. Service-friendly patented Adapta design of the Contra III allows the pump to remain in the pipeline in the event of a motor change. The system does not need to be revalidated for pharmaceutical applications, thus minimizing maintenance requirements. Total drainage is ensured through eccentric discharge port and inclined surfaces. If the pumps are installed vertically (photo), this can be achieved even without the need for a drain valve. — GEA Group AG, Düsseldorf, Germany


Mass-spectrometry enhancements for quantitative analysis

Thermo Fisher Scientific

The TSQ Plus triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (MS; photo) portfolio is said to increase workflow throughput through superior data acquisition and polarity switching speeds. The improved low-mass product ion-transmission efficiency enhances sensitivity for key target applications. The new portfolio, which consists of the TSQ Altis Plus, TSQ Quantis Plus and TSQ Fortis Plus MS, can be used across a range of applications, from targeted quantitation to cutting-edge research. Intuitive mass-calibration routines and method optimization, in combination with chromatography and data-processing software solutions, offers improved ease of use to address future analytical challenges. — Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., San Jose, Calif.


Measure lengths precisely with this device

The new LMSCA length-measuring system (photo) is extremely compact and yet extremely robust. The system is just 120 mm long, and can be combined with measuring wheels of 200-mm circumference. With the pre-assembled encoders of the WDGP series, resolutions of 80 pulses per mm or 0.0125 mm per pulse are achievable. The company's proven magnetic sensor technology is now available with any pulse count — from 1 to 16,384 pulses per rotation. The inverted signals, TTL and HTL output are also selectable. The measuring system has adjustable contact pressure from 0 to 20 N, in 5-N increments, as well as a loss-proof central screw. — Wachendorff Automation USA Inc., Chicago Ill.


This analyzer detects turbidity in either clear water or wastewater

The TR82 turbidity analyzer (photo) includes a clear water sensor designed for use in all phases of drinking water treatment and disinfection. It is ideal for monitoring groundwater sources or surface water storage lakes, basins, lagoons or ponds, as well as in the control of clear rinse water and in filter rupture or backwash monitoring systems. The TR82 analyzer’s suspended solids sensor supports both industrial process and municipal water and wastewater treatment. In food/beverage plants, for example, the TR82 analyzer is suitable for mixing and blending, and in paper manufacturing, it monitors filtrates. The TR82 also supports municipal wastewater activated- and digested-sludge treatments before effluent release. — Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD), Anaheim, Calif.


Anti-slip access platforms to reach elevated process equipment safely

This company’s new line of anti-slip access platforms are used to reach elevated process equipment safely, eliminating the need for ladders, scissor lifts and forklift cages. The modular system includes braced frames which can be bolted to the floor, 48 in. square (1,220 mm square) deck sections, and stairways with elevations up to 96 in. (2.4 m). Upper grab rails and mid-height rails bolted to stairway stringers and deck perimeters, together with auto-closing hinged safety gates and anti-slip grating on treads and decks, maximize personnel security. Modularity enables the stacking of frames to attain high elevations, and joining of decks in 48-in. square (1,220 mm square) increments to create elevated walkways and extended mezzanine areas in shapes conforming to equipment configurations and plant layouts. Control panels can be mounted to the braced frame, allowing operation of equipment at various elevations. — Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, Pa.