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New Products & Services

December 2021

Digitize weighing processes with this balance and software

The combination of XPR series balances and LabX Software (photo) enables users to digitalize laboratory weighing processes and ensure accurate results, full traceability and data integrity. LabX Balance software integrates fully with laboratory-information systems, such as chromatography software, and enables a seamless flow of data throughout the entire analysis workflow. LabX sends weighing results directly to where the weight values are required for subsequent analyses and ensures traceability back to the starting point. Now available in Version 12, LabX software guides users through SOP workflows on all connected XPR Balances, including the new XPR automatic balance, to ensure every operator follows the same procedures. — Mettler-Toledo GmbH, Greifensee, Switzerland


Enhance EHS compliance and education with this new learning system

This company launched a new learning management system (LMS) with expanded capabilities for increased flexibility, functionality and scalability. The new LMS will also integrate the SAP Litmos tool as part of its offering. With an easy-to-navigate user interface, and simplified administration and content management, the new LMS offers a wealth of learning content related to environmental, health and safety (EHS) compliance. The new system also includes robust and flexible reporting, as well as social learning and gamification features with badging and leaderboards. — DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS), Wilmington, Del.

A new rupture disc is ASME BPE compliant

The new IntegrX-HPX rupture disc (photo) addresses the need to improve process performance, reliability and safety within the biopharmaceutical industry. The IntegrX-HPX combines the unrivaled performance of the company’s HPX with ASME BPE (bioprocessing equipment) compliant crevice-free design, removing the need for integral seals. Manufactured and tested to optimize service life and performance, the IntegrX-HPX is a semi-circular, scored, reverse-acting rupture disc is suited for cyclic process conditions from full vacuum to 95% of the stamped rating. With the disc built into a cartridge, the robust welded design of the IntegrX-HPX mitigates the impact of downstream piping loads on the disc burst pressure and overall performance. — Continental Disc Corp., Liberty, Mo.


Bringing artificial intelligence to asset-performance management

The launch of Ability Genix Asset Performance Management (APM) Suite (photo) brings next-generation artificial-intelligence (AI)-based predictive maintenance, asset reliability and integrity insights to the chemical process and utilities industries. Genix APM is an enterprise-grade application to monitor assets, prescribe maintenance actions, improve equipment utilization and support lifecycle analysis and capital planning. By assessing the remaining useful life of industrial assets, Genix APM generates a plan for preventive maintenance, which can extend equipment uptime by as much as 50% and increase asset life by up to 40%, says the company. The Genix APM Suite makes it easy to add condition monitoring to existing operational technology (OT) landscapes, enables prioritization of maintenance activities based on AI-informed predictions and provides a comprehensive overview of asset performance. — ABB Ltd., Zurich, Switzerland


Raising the bar for heat pumps up to 95°C

The RedGenium heat pump, combined with the new Grasso V XHP reciprocating compressor (photo), enables the provision of temperatures of 95°C with high efficiency. In addition to the temperature advantage, the largest V XHP compressor also offers almost double the capacity compared to previous models. The new system is well-suited for many processes with high heat-load requirements. Electrically driven heat pumps can replace conventional fossil-fuel-based heating systems. They use either available process waste heat or other heat sources from the environment and transfer the heat to a high temperature level. — GEA Group AG, Düsseldorf, Germany


Web-based platform streamlines molecule discovery chemistry

Last month, this company released Torx Test and Torx Analyze (photo) to complete the Torx platform — a single web-based solution that enables drug discovery teams to work together, share knowledge, manage resources and track progress throughout the design-make-test-analyze (DMTA) workflow. Torx Test connects chemists and assay scientists to enable seamless scheduling, management and results delivery for biological, physico-chemical and other assays. It removes the administrative burden from the testing process by providing a platform to submit requests upon compound registration, as well as followup requests from Torx Make and monitor progress in realtime. Torx Analyze combines 2D and 3D analysis of molecule data loaded from corporate databases with the extensive information sharing and molecule design capabilities of Torx Design. — Torx Software Ltd., Cambridge, U.K.


New touchscreen coulometer for gas-stream analysis

The CM5016 C/S coulometer (photo) provides highly accurate, absolute determination of carbon or sulfur content in any gas stream containing CO2, SO2 or H2S. The coulometer is used as the detector with a sample-acidification front-end unit, detecting carbon or sulfur (or both) in the range of 0.01μg to 100 mg. The CM5016 coulometer is equipped with a new 12-in. touchscreen display assembly for enhanced user interface. — UIC, Inc., Joilet, Ill.


Manage the automation lifecycle of water and wastewater units

The newest release of the EcoStruxture Automation Expert system, Version 21.2 (photo), provides complete lifecycle management, seamless integration of IT/OT services and improved system diagnostics for automation systems in water and wastewater treatment plants. EcoStruxure Automation Expert allows for automation software to be separated from the hardware, providing more versatility for enterprises to break their dependency on proprietary hardware suppliers. EcoStruxure Automation Expert aims to provide a single platform that evolves with time for water and wastewater subsegments, including: treatment infrastructures (including desalination plants and industrial wastewater), network infrastructures and other water resources, such as irrigation systems. EcoStruxure Automation Expert offers seamless connection to many engineering software platforms, so new designs or changes can be validated virtually. — Schneider Electric USA, Andover, Mass.


Fast, safe integration of Ex i isolators

The pac-Carrier 9295 (photo) is a new, space-saving integration solution for this company’s 12-mm ISpac Ex i isolators. This significantly simplifies the installation and wiring of isolators to input/output (I/O) cards in automation systems from all manufacturers. Prefabricated connecting cables reduce the risk of wiring errors. Furthermore, the installation time is reduced by up to 40% thanks to the isolators’ tool-free mounting, says the company. This integration solution is particularly suited for projects involving a high number of channels. The new pac-Carriers are available in 8- and 16-slot versions, thereby enabling up to 32 signals to be connected. The variant with eight slots is only 110 mm wide. An additional HART multiplexer coupling only requires 36 mm of extra space. ISpac devices and the pac-Carriers are approved for use in Zone 2 decentralized installations. The pac-Carrier can also be used for functional safety applications up to safety integrity level (SIL 3). — R. Stahl AG, Waldenburg, Germany


New clarifier has a large settling area within a small footprint

The Leopold Texler lamella clarifier (photo) for water treatment uses a series of inclined lamellas designed to fit into rectangular clarification basins, providing a large settling area within a small footprint. With its efficient removal of solids, the clarifier attains very low turbidity levels and improves the filterability of water. The lamella sheets are installed at a 55-deg angle, increasing the treatment capacity by up to 100% compared to conventional sedimentation systems, says the manufacturer. Solids settle without blocking the pathway of the water. The unique trough covers have an integrated weir design to ensure even flow distribution throughout the length of the clarifier. Texler’s lamellas are made from a hydrophobic geotextile high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that has water-repellent and flexible properties to prevent sludge accumulation on the lamella sheets, reducing the need for regular cleaning. — Xylem Inc., Rye Brook, N.Y.