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March 2021

New app compiles a comprehensive library of check-valve data

Proco Products

This company has launched a  smartphone app for iOS and Android operating systems that provides easy access to a comprehensive library of product data, instructional animations and other technical resources related to the group's full line of expansion joints and check valves. Also available within the app is an offline synchronization mode that allows users to download relevant products, which provides instant accessibility even when there is no online connection availability. — Proco Products, Inc., Stockton, Calif.

Humidity and temperature transmitters for hazardous areas


The new Humicap HMT370EX series of intrinsically safe humidity and temperature transmitters (photo) are designed specifically for hazardous and explosive environments. The entire transmitter can be installed directly in explosive areas, up to Zone 0 and Zone 20, with no need for additional protective enclosures. Thanks to its rugged display, the transmitter can withstand continuous exposure to potentially explosive areas that contain flammable gases or dust. Typical applications for HMT370EX include hydrogen-cooled generators in electricity generation, chemical manufacturing and processing, pharmaceuticals manufacturing, oil-and-gas drilling platforms and fuel tanks and storage. The HMT370EX series offers a wide selection of probe options for wall mounting, confined spaces, pressurized spaces and more. — Vaisala Oyj, Vantaa, Finland

This solenoid valve enables efficient switching

Lee Products

The Xover solenoid valve (photo) is designed to switch quickly and efficiently between samples, reagents, cleaning solutions or calibrants. The Xover valve features a Y-shaped elastomer tube in a three-way configuration, which results in a design that combines the flow path of a pinch valve with the versatility and maintenance-free performance of a chemically inert isolation valve. This means that it is easily flushed and ensures fast, efficient fluidic performance with lower power consumption, according to the manufacturer. The Xover’s features make it suitable for a wide range of applications, including scientific instrumentation, drug discovery, analytical chemistry and any fluidic application where low internal and zero-dead volume and inert materials are critical. — Lee Products Ltd., Buckinghamshire, U.K.


Free firmware upgrade adds MQTT IIoT support


This company has released a free firmware upgrade enabling new and existing MicroSmart FC6A Plus PLC CPUs (photo) to support the industry-standard MQTT protocol. The upgrade can be downloaded to the FC6A CPU, so it is easy for users to connect all types of field data to on-site and cloud-based brokers, and make the information readily available for users and analytical applications. Users can also send commands to the FC6A using MQTT. MQTT has emerged as the preferred industrial internet of things (IIoT) communications protocol because it uses a lightweight and efficient publish/subscribe methodology for secure messaging between devices and centralized brokers, making information easily available for all authorized applications. A large number of clients can publish data to the broker, subscribe to any broker data, or bi-directionally do both. — IDEC Corp., Sunnyvale, Calif.


New large-diameter fire-safe gasket delivered

The Flexitallic Group

This company has delivered its largest ever Flexpro gasket (photo) to be used in the development of a propane dehydrogenation (PDH) plant in the U.S. The gasket, with a diameter in excess of 5 m, is faced with Thermiculite, a material possessing heat and chemical resistance and is rated to withstand temperatures up to 1,000°C. The versatile, fire-safe gasket material also eradicates graphite oxidation, which limits seal life, and is highly effective in maintaining joint integrity in demanding environments. Flexpro gaskets are available in several styles and can be manufactured to recognize international standards or to suit customized connections. — The Flexitallic Group, Houston


Differential-pressure gages are protected in hazardous areas

Dwyer Instruments

The AT-2000 Magnehelic differential-pressure gage (photo) is ATEX/IECEx approved and incorporates a flameproof aluminum enclosure with textured epoxy coating that protects the device for use in hazardous areas commonly found in chemical processing or other industrial applications. The AT-2000 gage is designed for monitoring pressure, vacuum and differential pressure. Due to the mechanical design of the gage, there is no need for local power to monitor pressure changes. The AT-2000 includes a standard windowed enclosure cover that allows users the ability to visually verify changes in the process. — Dwyer Instruments, Inc., Michigan City, Ind.

New defoamer for wood coatings is compliant with EcoLabels

Increasing regulatory requirements mean that proven wood coatings must be reformulated. This company is introducing TEGO Foamex 812, a new defoamer that has an ideal balance of effectiveness and compatibility, while meeting stringent regulatory requirements. The new defoamer meets the requirements of the current labels for low-pollutant paints and coatings including the European EcoLabels and the relevant IKEA standards. For food-contact applications, the defoamer meets the requirements of Swiss A and FDA, among others. TEGO Foamex 812 does not contain any biocides or reportable SVHC substances. In addition, the new defoamer offers strong defoaming power combined with high compatibility. Although TEGO Foamex 812 was developed specifically for wood coatings, it is also suitable for other applications: in addition to pigment concentrates, possible applications include printing inks with food contact, automotive coatings and can coatings. — Evonik Industries AG, Essen, Germany


These sealed bearings improve worker safety


This company’s Cooper split spherical roller bearings (photo), available in open or sealed configurations, are designed for easy replacement with little disturbance to the shaft alignment or driveline and eliminate the need to remove attached equipment. This bearing solution increases mean time to repair (MTTR) and reduces equipment downtime by up to 70%, which dramatically reduces users’ cost of repair. The sealed version has a machined seal within the bearing for superior contamination protection. This reduces environmental impact by lowering grease consumption and is ideally suited for harsh application environments, such as conveyor pulleys, stacker re-claimers and other critical equipment. By eliminating the need to dismount drive couplings or cantilevered drives during maintenance and replacement, Cooper bearings help create safer conditions for personnel, says the manufacturer. — SKF USA Inc., Lansdale, Pa.

Monitor tension remotely with this Web-based sensor

Valley Forge & Bolt Mfg.

The UHF Band RTM (remote tension monitoring) meter (photo) is a wireless bolt-monitoring system that can be used to remotely monitor the tension in critical joints. This wireless sensor detects and collects the tension level in a bolted joint as read by the company’s SPC4 fastener, and then relays the data to a facility’s condition monitoring/SCADA system. Users can also program the sensor to take measurements at prescribed intervals and send alerts if a bolted joint falls outside of chosen tension parameters. The meter operates in 433/868/915 MHz frequencies, which makes it suitable for applications in the industrial, scientific and medical sectors. — Valley Forge & Bolt Mfg. Co., Phoenix, Ariz.


A new intelligent drive module for machine builders

ACS Motion Control

This company has launched the first in a new line of high-performance intelligent drive module (IDM) products. The IDMsm (photo) is a two- or four-axis EtherCAT DS402 universal servo drive featuring unique control algorithms and processing technologies that enhance the performance of high-precision motion stages. Certified as EtherCAT Conformance Tested, the IDMsm provides up to 5 A continuous and 10 A peak per axis, with 12–48 V d.c. drive supply. — ACS Motion Control, Ltd., Yokneam Illit, Israel


Collect up to 20 different-sized samples with this carousel


With the Multisize Sample Carousel (photo), producers can now take samples of different sizes in an automated sampling process. Producers can also determine the order and frequency per sample size. This allows for the automated serial collection of samples for different purposes, such as starter samples, chemical samples, bacteriological samples, hourly samples and batch samples. The Multisize Sample Carousel collects up to 20 samples in different container shapes, without human intervention. The system can be seamlessly integrated into new and existing production lines and reduces downtime to a minimum. — Dinnissen B.V., Sevenum, the Netherlands


A new actuator line for small valves and multitasking


This company has upgraded its range of SSA actuators for small valves by adding new features for more energy-efficient and versatile hydronic-room applications. The updated SSA actuators now offer more flexibility due to their broad control possibilities — from analog control to KNX communication capabilities for room solutions and fast integration into connected systems. While using the same cable for communication and power, the user saves time and cost, says the company. Thanks to the “nightmode” operating configuration, the actuators are more silent than ever, with less than 28 dB acoustical emissions. This makes them ideal for use in noise-sensitive areas. New functionalities, such as feedback signal and the possibility of switching to manual mode, save time and costs. — Siemens AG, Berlin and Munich, Germany

The latest generation of titanium tanks


Under contract to a major chemical industry manufacturer, this company’s engineers developed a new generation of titanium tank containers (photo) for highly corrosive dangerous goods. After two years of intensive development work and construction time, two units were brought into operation in January 2021. The project team made a successful breakthrough by attaching the steel frame to the titanium tank, and also designed a high-performing heating system. The two new titanium tank containers were developed and built specifically to transport molten monochloroacetic acid (MCA). This company leases the containers to a chemical industry user with worldwide operations, for which it transports the highly corrosive product at an elevated temperature. Because conventional rubberized or coated stainless-steel tank containers do not withstand the product requirements and transport conditions, this customized solution made of titanium was developed. — Hoyer GmbH Internationale Fachspedition, Hamburg, Germany

Exciter technologies improve vibrating-screen performance

Haver & Boecker Niagara

Niagara brand vibrating-screen exciters (photo) are offered in four models, each of which is adjustable to provide eight weight configurations, delivering a large static-moment range. These exciters come standard on all of this company’s exciter-driven XL-Class and L-Class vibrating screens, and are also available as aftermarket parts for any brand of exciter-driven machine. Exciter-driven vibrating screens are ideal for high-tonnage applications and heavy-duty environments, such as dewatering or semi-autogenous grinding (SAG) mill screening, due to the equipment’s strength and advanced sealing system. These exciters are engineered to set the required stroke, frequency and exact static moment for each application, resulting in improved screening performance. The average lifespan of a Niagara Exciter is 15,000 h. — Haver & Boecker Niagara, St. Catherines, Ont., Canada

A condensate-recovery system for high-temperature operations


The GP14 Power Trap (photo) is an advanced condensate-recovery system for pumping high-temperature condensate for vented receivers, sumps and other important pump applications. The GP14 provides high-pressure, high-temperature condensate pumping services up to 392°F and 200 psig. The device’s non-electric design ensures no cavitation or seal leakage. A contoured body design can increase energy savings, and the durable Inconel compression spring comes with a lifetime spring warranty. Serviceability is improved due to an externally removable motive valve, which is also protected by an internal secondary screen. The GP14 PowerTrap is available in cast iron or cast steel, with connection sizes of 3✕2 NPT, 2✕2 and 3✕2 flanged. — TLV Corp., Charlotte, N.C.


Ultra-freezers for safe storage of vaccines and valuable samples


Versafreeze ultra-freezers (photo) have been optimized for the extreme requirements of deep-freeze storage for vaccine producers, pharmaceutical service providers and research laboratories, ensuring the safe storage of temperature-sensitive vaccines, valuable medicines, chemical substances or biological samples. With a temperature range from 0 to –85°C, Versafreeze ultra-freezers provide state-of-the-art refrigeration technology, excellent insulating properties and reliable protection, thanks to password-protected access rights and secure monitoring. The Versafreeze freezer cabinets and chest freezers use a combination of vacuum insulation panels, thermofoil and diffusion-resistant foamed polyurethane insulation to protect against warming. — Lauda Dr. R. Wobser GmbH & Co. KG, Lauda-Königshofen, Germany

This palm-sized device monitors machine health

Brüel & Kjær Vibro

The new Vibrostore 100 (photo) is a palm-sized device that provides vibration-level and bearing-wear monitoring for balance-of-plant machines at the push of a button. The lightweight device can be used single-handedly, and enables even untrained personnel to take vibration measurements and assess a semi-critical machine’s overall vibration condition. The instrument is equipped with a pre-set cable-connected Vibro acceleration sensor. Once the type and size of the machine (based on the ISO 10816 standard related to mechanical vibration) and its running speed are entered, a one-button push can perform the measurement. A traffic-light display immediately indicates the severity of the vibration based on the built-in ISO 10816 alarm limits (velocity in mm/s or in./s). The main screen also shows the rolling-element bearing condition in bearing damage units measurement (BDU) and total g (RMS acceleration). The display of the vibration level in frequency ranges indicates the most common machine faults, such as imbalance, misalignment or looseness. — Brüel & Kjær Vibro GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany

Handheld Raman instruments meet USP requirements

B&W Tek

NanoRam and NanoRam-1064 handheld Raman instruments (photo) are calibrated in compliance with the wavelength accuracy criteria for qualitative Raman measurements set forth by all global pharmacopeias, including the new USP 858 and 1858 chapters. The system software of NanoRam and NanoRam-1064 devices includes performance validation testing using Raman-shift standard materials as defined by the ASTM E1840 Standard Guide for Raman Shift Standards for Spectrometer Calibration. The NanoRam systems include a variety of sampling accessories optimized for the measurement of materials in the form of liquids, gels, powders or solids under either laboratory settings or demanding industrial conditions. — B&W Tek, LLC, Newark, Del.

New check valves designed for urea service


This company recently introduced a new in-line, axial check valve for urea and ammonia service (photo). Standard sizes range from ½ to 6 in. with flanged, butt weld, hub, lens ring or custom connections. This company’s urea service valves may be supplied in many alloys, including urea-grade 316L, Ferralium 255, 310 MoLN, Duplex F51, Super Duplex F53, 25-22-2 SS, Zeron 100 and Titanium. Valve features include: integral gland wrench for concentric 360-deg packing load; inline renewability; two-year warranty; standard helium leak testing; and optional steam jacketing. — Conval Inc., Enfield, Conn.


Use these fans in high-pressure, high-flow applications

The New York Blower Company

New BC-2200 backward-inclined fans (photo) are designed for high-flow, high-pressure applications handling clean air and light particle-laden or moist-air gas streams in a variety of applications, including thermal oxidation, steelmaking, combustion air, ethanol production, petroleum refineries, dust or fume control, quench cooling and glass production. A BC-2200 fan can be designed to handle temperatures from –50 to over 800°F and can be constructed using a variety of special alloys, such as Hastelloy, Inconel or Carpenter 20, to meet application demands. The fan reaches a volumetric flowrate of 60,000 ft3/min and can be customized according to customer specifications, with options including specialized alloys or coatings, heat-fan construction and spark-resistant construction. To make maintenance easier, two types of split housing options allow for easy access to internal components without disturbing the inlet/outlet connections. Additional accessories, such as cleanout doors and drains, further ease maintenance burdens. — The New York Blower Company, Willowbrook, Ill.

New tank outlet valves for sanitary applications

SPX Flow

This company has added a new model of tank outlet valve to its APV D4 series of mix-proof valves (photo). The new D4 valves enable users to clean the pipeline without having to empty the contents of the tank, which improves efficiency and eliminates changeover requirements. APV D4 valves effectively provide reliable separation between the tank and servicing pipelines in sanitary applications across many industries, including food and beverage, dairy, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Standard features include a seat lift actuator, cross-port housing and a leak drain with clamp connectivity for clean-in-place (CIP) fluid collection. — SPX Flow, Inc., Charlotte, N.C.