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July 2021

Separate metal particles from powders and granulates

This company recently launched a rotating Cleanflow magnetic separator (photo) suitable for installation in free-fall lines in a continuous process. Cleaning takes place without stopping the product flow. During the cleaning cycle, the magnets stay in the product flow. This guarantees the user that no iron falls back into the product during cleaning, something that was regularly a problem with other systems. The unit can be used in the chemical, ceramic, plastic and recycling industries, among others. In the latter case, it is used to make plastic or rubber granules metal-free. The magnetic bars in the Cleanflow magnetic separator filter metal particles and paramagnetic particles from 30 μm out of powders and granular products. The separator is suitable for high-capacity product flows (up to approximately 60 m3/h) and distinguishes itself by the very high magnetic flux density of over 9,000 Gauss at the contact surface of the bars. — Goudsmit Magnetic Systems BV, Waalre, the Netherlands


Optimized measuring devices for the pharmaceutical industry

The Pascal CV4 pressure transmitter (photo) has a high-resolution graphic display with backlighting. The device meets all typical requirements for pharmaceutical processing. Its high accuracy enables precise dosing in the filling process so that valuable product is not lost. The Pascal CV4 also meets strict hygiene requirements. It can be combined with a selection of easy-to-clean hygienic diaphragm seals in a variety of sizes and designs. These process connections protect against product loss and ensure that systems are easy to clean. Connections suitable for clean-in-place (CIP) and steam-in-place (SIP) make residue-free cleaning possible with designs that are free of dead spaces. In addition to this, the company offers the completely autoclavable mechanical pressure gage BH8 (photo) and the resistance thermometer GA2610 with clamp-on technology. — Labom Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH, Hude, Germany

This new industrial evaporator has many features

The Rotavapor R-250 Pro industrial evaporation unit (photo) now includes the capacity of a 50-L evaporation flask. The new system offers a unique operating concept, many safety features and a robust design to improve demanding workflows in large-scale rotary evaporation. Conveniently, the interface from the benchtop Rotavapor R-300 to the industrial 20-L R-220 Pro and the new R-250 Pro remains the same, so scaling up is easy. This company’s Open Interface and Cloud Services enable remote control and monitoring of the Rotavapor via a desktop computer, laptop or mobile device. Convenient push notifications with key process parameters, predictive maintenance, effortless firmware updates and data-logging options improve the user experience and minimize the risk of errors and downtime. Sensor technology, consisting of a foam sensor, a level sensor and a cooling temperature sensor, enable unattended distillations. — Büchi Labortechnik AG, Flawil, Switzerland


This new bag emptier has a body that tilts

The tiltable Dima bag emptier (photo) can improve product intake processes, since less time is needed to clean, inspect or replace parts. The tiltable body enables the Dima to be opened for easy access to areas that are normally difficult to reach. This speeds up cleaning, inspection and part replacements. Opening can be done by a single operator, simply by turning a handwheel. Air ventilation ensures that no dust will escape. — Dinnissen B.V., Sevenum, the Netherlands


Barcode scanner for use in hazardous areas

The IS-TH1 (photo) is said to be the first handheld barcode scanner for use in hazardous areas and other industrial environments. The new device incorporates scanning technology from Zebra, and has been developed for two ranges. A mid-range variant scans up to 6 m and an extended-range variant scans over 15 m. Data capture uses Zebra’s reliable imager-scan engines, which offer unmatched decoding times and advanced barcode-processing capabilities. The IS-TH1 becomes a multi-function mobile device when combined with the company’s IS530.x smartphone. To use the handheld barcode scanner, it must be connected to the smartphone and, through this connection, requires neither Bluetooth nor a separate battery. Power and data are generated by the IS530.x with 13-pin ISM interface (connection option for RSM, PTT headset, among others) as if via a mobile computer and processed at top speed. Thanks to the HID factory setting, the captured 1D/2D barcode is immediately recognized and processed as a keyboard input. — Mobile GmbH, Lauda-Koenigshofen, Germany


This ultrasonic flowmeter can be installed almost anywhere

Many process plants have difficulty finding ideal installation points for flow-measurement devices due to requirements for long length of inlet run and undisturbed flows. The Prosonic Flow P 500 (photo) addresses these and other issues with its FlowDC function. The device requires only minimal straight inlet runs and it can be installed directly onto the exterior of the pipe, so there is no need to interrupt operations. The Prosonic Flow P 500 can be installed in nearly any location, independent of the pipeline design. Prosonic Flow P 500 provides measurement for a wide variety of fluids, such as chemicals, liquid hydrocarbons, solvents, acids, bases, water and many others. It can be mounted on a wide variety of pipeline types and materials: on metal pipes made of steel or cast iron; plastic pipes; glass-reinforced plastic pipes; and pipes made of composite materials — all with or without lining. A special, maintenance-free contact foil (coupling pad) provides optimal sound transmission between the sensor surface and the pipe. — Endress+Hauser, Greenwood, Ind.


Measure density and concentration with this system

The InlineSENS (photo) density measuring system combines both a radiation source and scintillation detector in one device. Its use of low-energy gamma radiation provides strong responses to even the slightest change in product composition, with extremely low dose rates. The InlineSENS offers high statistical accuracy and long-term stability by using a highly sensitive scintillation detector with patented drift compensation. The measuring system, which is made entirely of stainless steel, is permanently flanged to the pipeline and continuously measures the product density of liquids, suspensions, slurries and bulk solids. Depending on the existing pipeline, various flange and product pipe options are available, including DIN flanges, ASA flanges and threaded connections between DN 40 and 65. — Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co.KG, Bad Wildbad, Germany


Use this flowmeter to monitor seal leakage in gas compressors

The ST75 mass flowmeter (photo) provides precision measurement in small lines for the detection of hazardous, non-compliant and costly gas leaks, including the monitoring of seal leakage from gas compressors. It measures air or gases from 0.01 to 559 std. ft3/min depending on line size and actual process conditions. The ST75 is factory-calibrated and can provide a flow turndown range up to 100:1. With built-in temperature compensation, the ST75 offers highly repeatable performance in harsh industrial process environments. It features accuracy to±2% of reading with±0.5% repeatability over varying process temperatures and pressures in line sizes from 0.25 to 2 in. — Fluid Components International LLC (FCI), San Marcos, Calif.


This servo motor has ProfiNet with PROFIdrive integrated

This company’s fully integrated ProfiNet motor solution has been officially certified by the Profibus user organization, an important milestone in terms of cabling, commissioning and IIoT capability. It is said to be the first drive-technology manufacturer to fully integrate its certified ProfiNet solution with PROFIdrive into a motor. Currently, the products BG 95 dPro (photo), BG 75 dPro, BG 66 dPro and the BGE 5510 dPro are available with ProfiNet interface, covering the output power from 1 to 4000 W. — Dunkermotoren USA Inc., Mount Prospect, Ill.


This touchscreen monitor is suitable for outdoor usage

The SRMHETRWP-15C (photo) is a rugged, industrial-grade 15-in. sunlight-readable touchscreen. This new model provides many important advantages for use in any automated outdoor system. With super-high visibility and brightness, this model is five to six times brighter than standard screens, making it suitable for use in direct sunlight. An automated sensor dims and brightens the screen based upon ambient light conditions. The monitor has a corrosion-resistant, waterproof stainless-steel enclosure that withstands rain, sleet and snow. It will operate in temperatures from –22 to 185°F. — TRU-Vu Monitors, Inc., Arlington Heights, Ill.

Software optimizes usage of full-containment storage tanks

This company has enhanced its Rosemount TankMaster inventory-management software package (photo) to help optimize tank usage and increase safety in full-containment storage tanks for liquefied natural gas (LNG) and other liquefied gases. These tanks are large, complex structures with a typical capacity of up to 200,000 m3, which places specific demands on tank-gauging systems. By providing both inventory management and roll-over prediction in a single software solution, TankMaster reduces both cost and risk, says the company. Roll-overs are dangerous releases of boil-off vapor that can occur when LNG stratification is left unchecked. The consequences can be severe — including extensive tank damage and the release of large quantities of LNG into the atmosphere. TankMaster software uses data from level, temperature and density measurement devices incorporated into the Rosemount Tank Gauging System to calculate when a roll-over might occur, enabling operators to take preventative action. — Emerson, St. Louis, Mo.


Improve performance with these filtration inspection packages

This company recently launched three filtration inspection packages (photo) centered around offering improved filter availability, better filter performance and longer equipment life. The packages are designed to quickly identify common wear-and-tear issues, such as problems with the plate packs, leakages and misalignments, among others. Filtration inspections have the advantage of not only discovering issues that require immediate attention, but also allow for the identification of possible upcoming larger filtration failures or upgrade opportunities. It makes it possible to proactively respond to, and put in place a service plan to address longer-term problems. This has the potential to save users significant costs in terms of lost production, says the company. — Metso Outotec Oyj, Helsinki, Finland


This safety instrumented system has cybersecurity protection

The ProSafe-RS safety instrumented system (SIS; photo), a product in the OpreX family, recently obtained ISASecure CSA Level 1 certification from the ISA Security Compliance Institute (ISCI). This is the first time a safety instrumented system has obtained this cybersecurity certification, says the manufacturer. Receipt of this certification indicates that a product has been recognized by a third party as having security controls that conform to international standards for control-device security. The ProSafe-RS safety instrumented system is certified for use in safety integrity level 3 (SIL 3) applications. This company also plans to obtain ISASecure CSA certification for the ProSafe-RS Lite SIL 2 SIS, which was released in January. — Yokogawa Corp. of America, Sugar Land, Tex.