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New Products & Services

September 2021

New, durable forged heads for cone crushers

The new Xtreme (forged) head (photo) is designed for use with cone crushers in extremely demanding conditions, and complements this company’s Elect (traditional-cast) and Enhanced (heavy-duty) crusher heads for Nordberg MP800, MP1000, MP1250, HP800 and HP900 crushers. Forged as a complete one-piece product, the Xtreme head’s advanced geometrical features assure consistent bearing loading within machine-design parameters. — Metso Outotec Corp., Helsinki, Finland


Multi-purpose pressure gages for oil, ammonia and more

This company’s line of multi-purpose pressure gages (photo) includes models designed for use with gas, oil, water and other media not corrosive to brass or bronze. There is also a dedicated device designed specifically for anhydrous ammonia applications. Gage options include single and dual scales, bottom of back mounting, dry or glycerin filled and vaccum gages. Designed for pressures up to 5,000 psi, gages are available with face sizes from 1.5 to 4 in. — Bee Valve, Inc. Elyria, Ohio

Vertical blenders for sanitary applications under vacuum

This company’s sanitary vertical blenders (photo) are engineered for rapid homogenization and drying in delicate applications under vacuum. The design avoids the destructive effects of heat on unstable ingredients, and it promotes vaporization at lower temperatures during gentle agitation while preventing oxidation. Sanitary aspects of the machine, including the cantilevered screw without bottom support, eliminate dead zones and ensure total discharge. For cooling or heating needs, the cone wall features a 100-psig dimpled jacket with mineral-wool insulation and stainless-steel sheathing. Washdown-duty motors accommodate intensive facility-cleaning protocols. — Charles Ross & Son Co, Hauppage, N.Y.


Improve turbine reliability with this oil-cleaning system

Vartech Industrial System Cleaner (ISC; photo) provides turbine operators with a non-solvent-based solution for removing varnish and sludge in turbine-oil systems. Vartech ISC can be added directly to oil during operation to clean varnish and sludge before a scheduled oil change. Vartech’s advanced chemistry helps improve oxidation stability, reduce oil degradation and inhibit the precursors of vanish formation, all while demonstrating excellent seal compatibility. This system compatibility also reduces performance impact for the new oil when flushing is impractical, and it does not need to be used in conjunction with a varnish filtration system. — Chevron Lubricants, San Ramon, Calif.


This pipe combines corrosion resistance and durability

DetaPipe (photo) is a new high-performance clad-metal pipe product designed for use in corrosive, high-temperature processing environments. DetaPipe is produced using a proprietary process that joins corrosion-resistant alloys, such as zirconium and titanium, to lower-cost, base metals, such as carbon steel, providing the same corrosion resistance of higher alloys alongside the mechanical dependability of carbon steel. The product delivers greater fracture toughness and performance compared to solid zirconium or titanium pipe, says the manufacturer. DetaPipe is available in a straight-pipe spool with a nominal pipe size (NPS) from 6 to 30 in. in diameter, up to 8 m in length, and a typical cladder thickness greater than 4 mm. Engineers can also work with users to develop custom sizes. — NobelClad, a business of DMC Global Inc., Broomfield, Colo.


The first digital pressure gage with IO-Link

The MAN-LC (photo) is said to be the only digital pressure gage available with IO-Link. The device includes two configurable outputs that form part of a standard instrument and may be custom-programmed by users as desired. The display screen features a five-digit display with digit height of 0.63 in. The screen module can be rotated for side-mounted or inverted installations. The head position can be radially adjusted after installation for precise positioning. An optional rubber protective case is available for vulnerable areas of installation. Unique to the industry, the MAN-LC’s programming menu includes the calculation of force value over a custom reference area, which is particularly useful for equipment testing. — Kobold Instruments, Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa.

An advanced calibration platform for airflow meters

Flow Detective Plus (photo) is an electronic airflow-meter calibrator designed to measure the flow of air-sampling pumps to within 2% accuracy. It can calibrate within the airflow range of 20 to 5,000 mL/min to ensure correct flow. Compatible with this company’s Airwave App, calibration results can be sent via email, ensuring improved traceability and pump-calibration procedures. As well as detecting airflow, the Flow Detective Plus is said to be the first calibrator on the market capable of measuring pulsation, indicating if the airflow pulsation exceeds 10% for true confidence in the integrity of samples. When used with the this company’s Apex2 or VAPex air-sampling pumps, the Flow Detective Plus can achieve closed-loop automatic calibration, eliminating manual input and drastically saving time when calibrating pumps. — Casella North America, Sterling, Ma.


Clean injection molds using ultrasonic technology

Branson MCX Series cleaners (photo) are ultrasonic systems purpose-built for cleaning plastics injection molds. They feature side-mounted, immersible transducers and powerful immersion heaters that can provide fast and efficient cleaning. Since most plastic injection molds are rectangular, with a lot of the design details on the surface facing the side of the tank, side-mounted transducers result in a more intense and focused cavitation as compared to bottom-mounted transducers. Compared to manual cleaning of plastics injection molds, which may take up to three hours or more, and may require toxic cleaning solutions, the Branson MCX Series can complete the job in 15 to 20 min, depending on mold design and level of residue, says the manufacturer. Branson ultrasonic cleaning systems use ultrasonic technology to produce fluid cavitation, enabling a non-contact cleaning process. Mold halves are placed between the transducers mounted on opposite sides of the tank, which is filled with cleaning solution. The system emits ultrasonic waves into the solution, creating bubbles that eventually implode, releasing energy. The resulting turbulence dislodges contaminants from all mold surfaces — even tiny holes and crevices where brushes cannot reach. — Emerson Industrial Automation, St. Louis, Mo.


Increase efficiency and service life in CVD process control

ParallelPro (photo) is a leveling tool designed for chemical-vapor-deposition (CVD) processes, or any equipment requiring precise parallelism. Equipped with wireless communications and a field-serviceable battery pack, the ParallelPro measures offset distance, parallelism and temperature. Measurements are transmitted via Bluetooth to any tablet running a dedicated application, which also gives users the ability to save and analyze calibration data. Additionally, the high-capacity battery pack is specially designed for vacuum environments, providing safe, extended battery life and a high number of charge cycles. In high-precision process control settings like CVD processes, where calibration with the tool can be required several times a day on each machine, the new tool’s robust design and reduced service needs increase overall production efficiency and uptime. — Kaman Precision Products, Inc., Middletown, Conn.