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October 2022

A cybersecurity platform with neural-network capabilities

Neuralyzer (photo) is a new cybersecurity product that enables operational technology (OT) personnel to protect their critical environments and supply chain through asset discovery, inventory management, network visibility and vulnerability and risk management. With its intuitive OT interface, Neuralyzer goes from easy out-of-the-box installation to providing visibility into OT networks and threats in under 5 min, says the company. All of these capabilities are powered by neural-network-based machine-learning technology. Industrial and OT teams are challenged with finding cybersecurity solutions that offer complete asset visibility and inventory with little to no impact on OT networks and devices. Designed with these challenges in mind, Neuralyzer is a purpose-built cybersecurity solution that analyzes OT networks, assets and protocols. By gaining visibility into OT assets and network activity, organizations can take the first step in building a mature cybersecurity program. In doing so, Neuralyzer also allows them to manage risks to OT assets through anomaly detection, to prevent insider threats, to meet compliance requirements and to maintain proper network architecture and segmentation. — Opswat, Inc., Tampa, Fla.


This compact mixer features a high-shear mix head

The Benchmix 10 (photo) compact, high-shear lab mixer includes this company’s patented Rotosolver high-shear mix head, engineered for high efficacy of wetting out and dispersing powders, eliminating agglomerates and creating homogenous mixtures and emulsions. The Benchmix 10 has a mixing capacity of up to 1 gal (4 L) with mixing speeds up to 9,300 rpm. Due to the integrated Rotosolver mix head, homogenous, agglomerate-free product can be achieved in as little as 10 min or even less for most applications. The Rotosolver mix head is designed to provide the optimal balance between shear and flow so that mixing is completed in record time, with minimal energy. A large and small upper impeller is included and can be mounted to the mixing shaft for even more flow in your mixing container. On the unit, a touchscreen interface, electronic lift, and a large speed dial make it extremely easy to operate. For manufacturers scaling up to production volumes, scale up is guaranteed with a process assurance warranty when scaling up with a production size Rotosolver mixer. — Admix, Inc., Londonderry, N.H.

This strainer removes solids from without filters, bags or elements

This company’s self-cleaning filters (photo) remove oversized particles from process or wastewater flows of up to 2,500 gal/min without filter elements or bags. Removing particulate matter enhances the quality of products, such as oil-based or latex paints, solvent-based or waterborne stains, high-value automotive coatings, food and beverage products and more. Various models are available for a wide range of continuous process flows. Wedgewire or perforated screens of various openings are available and interchangeable, allowing one strainer to be used for multiple applications. With no bags or elements to dispose of, this unique technology allows users to meet their plant sustainability goals. Product to be filtered enters the strainer through the inlet, with filtration occurring from the outside in. Screened particulate matter accumulates within the canister and is purged through the bottom drain as needed. Purged particles are piped away for disposal, recycling or re-use. These strainers operate continuously as a sealed device, so product stays within the piping and out of the atmosphere, which is especially important for fast-curing products like highway striping paint. The strainers are suitable for aseptic operations and work well as pre-filters upstream of membranes, centrifuges and other fine-filter media. — Spencer Strainer System, Jeffersonville, Ind.


A new line of industrial control valves

The Series 2900 industrial control valves (photo) are suitable for food and beverage, packaged water heaters, pharmaceutical and general service applications, as well as wastewater applications with moderate pressure drops and temperatures from –20 to 400ºF. The Series 2900 features rugged cast-iron body construction and is available in a variety of trim materials, including bronze, 300 stainless steel, 17-4pH stainless steel and Alloy 6 (cobalt-chromium-tungsten). Available valve body styles include two-way single-seat unbalanced, two-way cylinder-balanced, two-way double-seat balanced, three-way mixing, and three-way diverting. The equal percentage and linear plugs in the two-way valves and linear plugs in the three-way valves provide modulating control of a wide variety of fluids. — Warren Controls, Inc., Bethlehem, Pa.

Integrate safety and ergonomics in these ribbon blenders

Designed to minimize risk and maximize productivity, this company’s ribbon blenders (photo) meet OSHA standards with safety shaft guards (no external moving parts) and limit switches that prevent operation of the agitator when any cover or manway is open. In addition, safety grating can be installed on dedicated charge ports or across the entire blender opening for extra protection and to make it easier for operators to dump bags of dry raw material into the blender. The optional safety grating is highly customizable to provide a tailored solution to the operator’s needs. For example, a 5-ft3 blender (photo) features a special three-piece grate designed with an angled and pitched profile in lieu of flat surfaces. This provides a more rigid structure and more open area in the grating to improve the rate of loading. Powders are less likely to accumulate on the pitched surfaces, reducing the amount of sweeping required by the operator. All three sections of the grating have position sensors that interlock with the control panel, ensuring operator safety while running. — Charles Ross & Son Company, Hauppauge, N.Y.


A new line of chemical-resistant luminaires launched at Gastech

Launched at Gastech 2022 (Sept. 5–8; Milan, Italy), the Strongex G2 product line of luminaires (photo) is available with options for Ex Zone 1 or Zone 2 installation for applications across the oil-and-gas, chemical, petrochemical and energy sectors. According to the company, the longevity (estimated 100,000-h lifetime) of these products means they require very little maintenance and their low energy consumption and recyclable design promote sustainability. The G2 model incorporates an openable port to enable access for maintenance, easy change of the emergency battery, increased flexibility for installation and the ability to replace internal components to further extend life. A wireless control version is also available for the Ex Zone 2 model. A plastic housing protects the luminaire from extreme weather conditions, including corrosive, salty environments, and it provides high resistance to chemicals. The unit has no external aluminum parts, further promoting its resistance to corrosion, and can work in a wide temperature range. Its profile incorporates a heatsink with fins that helps improve heat dissipation — Zalux, S.A., Zaragoza, Spain


First cell-culture system madefrom a plant-based material

CellScrew is a patented cell-cultivation system for biotechnology laboratories, which is constructed fully of plant-based materials — a first for the industry. At launch, there are two different versions that differ in the size of the growth surface: the CS10k with over 10,000 cm² surface area and the CS6k with over 6,000 cm². There are significant efficiency advantages and a reduced CO2 footprint for users when using this novel cell-culture vessel compared to existing market solutions. Due to the large growth surface and easy handling of the CellScrew, personnel requirements and production space are reduced. At the same time, the user can save around 90% CO2 emissions compared to conventional multi-tray stacking systems, says the manufacturer. — Green Elephant Biotech GmbH, Giessen, Germany

A one-stop shop for combustion maintenance

This company is introducing several new combustion maintenance kits (photo) for its WDG-V, WDG-IV and WDG-HPII analyzers. Users can purchase everything they need to maintain and service their combustion analyzers in a ready-made kit, using only one part number. Assembled for specific analyzers, these kits take the guesswork out of what parts are needed for comprehensive service and maintenance. Offering these standard maintenance items in a kit format makes it easy and economical for users to order what they need to ensure their combustion analyzer is being maintained properly, says the company. — Ametek Process Instruments, Pittsburgh, Pa.