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May 2022

A selection tool for automated process valves

The complete Nelprof valve sizing and selection software for all intelligent automated process valves (photo) is now available as a free web-based tool. With its advanced control-valve selection features, the Nelprof tool allows fast and reliable selection of this company's brands of intelligent automated process valves. First introduced in 1981, this latest version

utilizes intelligence based on several decades of real-life experiences to help size and select the best valve solution for any application. The new web-based tool has been designed based on the user feedback, enabling improved flexibility, efficiency and precision for day-to-day operations, says the company. — Neles Corp., Helsinki, Finland

A low-power CH4 sensor with digital and analog capabilities

FlameIR-ME1 is a new methane sensor that uses a solid-state LED optical technology and operates with a low energy consumption. The sensor is compatible with battery-powered operation, allowing the sensor to be used in a wide variety of applications, including wirelessly connected equipment. The device includes altitude-pressure compensation, real-time temperature correction and the ability provide either analog or digital methane measurements. The FlameIR-ME1 also features a built-in zero-tracking function to maintain CH4 measurement accuracy over the lifetime of the product. The sensor can be zeroed at power-on, and also periodically for applications that are permanently powered. Limits can be set on the amount of zero movement allowed, with the status flag used to indicate large changes from the initial calibration setting. Typical measurement accuracy is 0.01%. — Gas Sensing Solutions, Cumbernauld, U.K.


This absorbent media can prevent carbon-bed fires

This company has launched Sulphasorb 2 (photo), a new activated alumina and carbon chemical-adsorbent media that reduces the risk of carbon-bed fires in paper mills and other critical locations. This upgraded chemisorbent media was designed in response to fire concerns at paper mills where corrosive gases are present. Serious explosions and fires have happened in paper mills over the years due to not properly maintaining air purification systems or following the right procedures to mitigate risk. Sulphasorb 2 dramatically reduces the risk of fire by using a proprietary caustic blend impregnated on a mixture of activated alumina and carbon, says the manufacturer. — PureAir Filtration, LLC, Atlanta, Ga.


Use these plug valves with slurries and gritty media

This company’s Cam-Centric plug valves (photo) feature 100% port, which makes them a suitable choice for applications where slurries, grit or solids are present. The valves’ eccentric action allows the plug to rotate and lift out of its seated position, thus minimizing rubbing or scraping. Features such as a heavy-duty, fully rubber-encapsulated plug, welded nickel seat, grit-seals and V-Type packing provide reliable operation. The valves are available with a variety of materials options, including fusion-bonded epoxy, rubber lining and glass-lining coatings. — Val-Matic Corp., Elmhurst, Ill.

This gas detector finds volatile substances at very low volumes

The new X-pid gas detector (photo) quickly detects volatile organic substances, such as benzene, even at extremely low concentrations. To determine the concentration of certain hazardous substances, the device combines two measuring modes, optimally supporting strategies for measuring in hazardous areas or confined spaces. It builds upon its predecessor with the addition of a search measuring mode, which allows for continuous monitoring for photoionization-detection (PID) sensitive compounds prior to using the analysis mode for a more specific analysis. The sensor unit can be controlled via an explosion-protected smartphone by means of a mobile application. — Dräger, Inc., Houston


An ammonia leak-detection system for process refrigeration

The Chillgard 5000 NH3 monitoring system (photo) features a sophisticated design with photoacoustic infrared (PAIR) sensors that provide an easy-to-install, highly reliable gas-detection solution specifically for ammonia. The systems are compliant with ANSI/International Institute of Ammonia Research (IIAR) and EN378 requirements, making them useful in a number of industries that require refrigeration or freezers. PAIR sensing offers the earliest level of detection of NH3 leaks for plant safety. Unaffected by temperature and humidity swings, PAIR sensors operate for months with virtually zero drift, says the company. In the event of an NH3 gas leak, the Chillgard 5000 System provides a clear visual and loud audible signal to indicate that there is a potentially dangerous and expensive leak. In addition, the Chillgard 5000 Remote Display provides gas-monitor information before room entry where potentially hazardous gas levels may exist. — MSA Safety, Inc., Cranberry Township, Pa.


These vests keep workers cool in hot situations

The StaCool Vest core body-cooling system (photo) helps workers stay cool and productive in higher-than-ambient temperatures, such as those found in manufacturing plants, utilities, power plants, foundries, near ovens and boilers and more. The vest’s micro-thin, highly breathable materials are easy to care for, providing wearers cooling comfort without compromising mobility. With models that can be worn over or under normal clothing (including protective clothing), ThermoPaks in the front and back of the vest provide hours of cooling, and a spare set of ThermoPaks are included with each StaCool Vest to extend cooling time and comfort when the initial set thaws. The vest provides ultimate body core cooling, and a thermal barrier is built in to ensure wearer does not get too cold. — StaCool Industries, Inc., Lecanto, Fla.


A new generation of centrifugal mixers for 3D printing materials

Smart DAC centrifugal mixers (photo) feature variable counter-rotation, increased mixing weight (250 g up to 2 kg) and volume (310 mL up to 2.8 L) and allows up to 30 min of mixing time. The mixers feature real-time temperature control, vacuum capability, sensor integration, variable counter-rotation, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) compliance, remote control and an auto-programmable cooling system. The Smart DAC’s structure also allows mixing from 0 rpm up to maximum speed without the risk of high vibrations, offering a significant advantage when, for example, a light powder is one of the components to be mixed. According to the manufacturer, the Smart DAC is uniquely suited for mixing materials used in 3D printing because it can accurately homogenize and dispense solid powders, biological materials and resins, as well as base materials containing viscous polymers. — Hauschild GmbH & Co KG, Hamm, Germany

Simulate hydraulic systems and prevent waterhammer

The Impulse 9 software suite (photo) was designed to enable engineers to better understand hydraulic systems during deviations from steady state by providing waterhammer and surge analysis, which helps to mitigate failures and avoid downtime. New features included with the Impulse 9 release include: a redesigned gas-accumulator window to improve usability; the ability to add new features, such as liquid height calculation; improved multi-scenario graphing to compare and animate design alternatives with different time steps; options to convert shear rheometer data for Power Law and Bingham Plastic viscosity models; and the Herschel-Bulkley viscosity model for shear thinning or thickening fluids with a yield stress. — Applied Flow Technology (AFT), Colorado Springs, Colo.


This line of ball valves has an expanded operating range

This company has expanded its line of high-performance ball valves to include 2.5-, 3- and 4-in. sizes of the 585HP-LF and 585HP-66-LF bronze ball valves (photo) in solder, threaded and press end connections. Designed for commercial and industrial applications, the lead-free and corrosion-resistant 585HP full-port ball valve line allows for simpler installation, adjustability and long service life. The patented, laser-welded construction eliminates the threaded body to body-end connection, allowing for higher operating pressures and an operating temperature up to 250°F. The expanded 585HP line features a reversible handle, which provides flexibility for on-site modifications, a large accessible packing nut and a triple-sealed stem. — Nibco, Inc., Elkhart, Ind.


Customized containment solutions for hygienic processes

This company’s continuous liner systems (CLS; photo) are designed for single-use applications in hygienic process technologies in cleanrooms. The single-use liners eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming cleaning processes for hygienic systems and the costly qualification procedures that go with them. For sealing and separating, the CLS uses the patented SafeSeal Closure System, whereby an OEB5 (<1μg/m3) containment level can be guaranteed, says the manufacturer. Axial folding enables film lengths of up to 80 m. Fold height and foil length are dependent upon film thickness. The CLS will be exhibited at Interphex (May 24–26) in New York City. — Lugaia USA, LLC, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.


New meters for pH, conductivity and ion concentration

Developed for a wide range of applications, SevenDirect benchtop meters (photo) provide accurate measurements of almost any sample. The intuitive user interface on the 7-in. touchscreen facilitates the measurement process by avoiding unnecessary steps and focusing on the most important information. On-screen instructions guide users through the calibration process while the integrated help system provides immediate support. The EasyPlace electrode arm ensures precise placement of the sensor. The instruments support Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) compliance by storing timestamps, as well as sample, sensor and user IDs with every measurement. Automatic data transfer to PC or printer minimizes transcription errors. — Mettler-Toledo, LLC, Columbus, Ohio


A complete system for developing emerging foods

Unveiled at Anuga FeedTec trade fair (Cologne, Germany; April 26–29), the Mobile Test Center (photo) for new food applications is now available for rent, purchase or for use on this company’s premises. This fully equipped, pilot-scale process line for cell cultivation or fermentation can be individually configured to bridge the gap between laboratory work and demonstration plants. Using the test center, users are able to not only determine parameters ranging from cell viability through mass balance to yield, but also to efficiently design processes and develop a future-proof business model for subsequent commercial production. The MTC provides a new way of delivering proof-of-concept for cellular agriculture, without the need to invest in a full pilot plant to facilitate the process of scaling up to commercial cell-based manufacturing. Instead, users can apply the MTC to study cell cultures and microbes, as well as improve fermentation strategy, modify formulas, alter growth media and ingredients, plus tweak process parameters to increase yield and repeatability. The MTC comprises eight industry-approved, food-grade technologies, including multifunctional fermenters or bioreactors, as well as equipment for mixing, heat treatment, homogenization, separation and filtration. — GEA AG, Düsseldorf, Germany


An expanded series of smart Roots pumps

The new line of Roots pumps from the HiLobe series (photo) cover a wide range of applications that require large chambers to be evacuated rapidly. These new Roots pumps handle a wide range of nominal pumping speeds up to 13,600 m³/h. With their powerful drive concept, they shorten pump-down times by around 20% compared to conventional Roots pumps. Rapid evacuation also saves costs and increases the efficiency of production systems. The use of energy-efficient drives and the optimized rotor geometries reduce energy costs by more than 50% compared to conventional Roots pumps, says the company. The pumps are hermetically sealed from the atmosphere and have a maximum integral leak rate of 1 × 10–6 Pa m3/s. Dynamic seals are eliminated, thus making maintenance necessary only every four years. — Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH, Asslar, Germany

A trailer support for busy loading docks

The Ground Mounted Trailer Support (GMTS; photo) is a new hands-free trailer-support system. The new support is permanently positioned in the trailer docking area in its retracted state. When a trailer has been docked and secured, the GMTS can be activated from inside the loading dock area, rising to support the trailer from below, during loading/offloading. The GMTS is built for the busy dock environment where a worker in the yard would be at risk from dock traffic. Unlike most trailer support options, the GMTS is not manually deployed by a dockworker, but is operated safely from inside the dock area, eliminating risk and saving time. — Ideal Warehouse Innovations, Inc., Toronto, Ont., Canada

Monitoring of chlor-alkali electrolysis sub-processes

Chlorine and caustic soda are essential chemicals whose production is indispensable for downstream chemical processes. Due to the immense production volumes in a typical chlor-alkali plant, small deviations and errors in the individual production steps can mean large financial losses. For this reason, complete and accurate process monitoring is important. Precise monitoring of the starting materials shows its advantages during the preparation of the brine. With LiquiSonic (photo), the concentration of the sodium chloride solution can be precisely adjusted down to 0.1 m%. Maximum saturation prolongs the life of the membranes during electrolysis and saves energy during subsequent concentration of the NaOH solution. After electrolysis, the caustic soda still has to be freed from unwanted NaCl residues and then concentrated to the usual purity. With LiquiSonic, this process can also be monitored and controlled in real time. — SensoTech GmbH, Magdeburg–Barleben, Germany


These kits perform certified tests of fiber optic cabling

Expanding its cable certification and testing portfolio, this company now provides fiber optic installers with a fast, flexible and cost-effective device for Tier 1 fiber optic certification. The FiberXpert 700 Quad Multimode (MM) and Singlemode (SM) Testing Kit (photo) performs Tier 1 certifications for MM and SM fiber optic links and then prints official test reports directly from the PC software. The FiberXpert 700 device features automatic wavelength detection and data storage, ensuring that it completes tests quickly and eliminates operator error risks. It also stores measurement results directly in its internal memory — up to 10,000 measurements. — Softing IT Networks, Knoxville, Tenn.


This family of CPVC butterfly valves has been expanded

This company has added two new sizes (10- and 12-in.) to its Type-57P family of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) butterfly valves (photo). The new models are well suited for facilities where large-diameter CPVC body and disc butterfly valves are needed due to elevated water temperatures. The valves are available with ANSI wafer-style connection or with 316 stainless-steel lug inserts. Additionally, Type-57P CPVC valves can be actuated both electrically and pneumatically, and various manual accessories can be installed. — Asahi/America, Lawrence, Mass.


Power supply units with IO-Link for field Installation

The compact PSU67 power supply units (photo) ensure energy-efficient, decentralized power supply in modular systems at ambient temperatures of –25 to 70°C. The units have protection to IP67 and are suitable for single- and three-phase applications in modular machine building. The PSU67 units can be installed directly at the machine without any protective measures needed. This makes it possible to dispense with switch cabinets or switch boxes completely. The PSU67 power supply units are available with 15, 20 or 25 A as well as with M12, 7/8 in. or HAN-Q4 terminals. The decentralized power supply units supply 24 to 28 V d.c. directly in the field without any loss, and offer high fail safety thanks to its electronic no load, overload and short circuit protection. Its high efficiency of over 95% ensures an optimum energy balance. The output voltage can be configured directly on the device via an LED interface or remotely via IO-Link. — Hans Turck GmbH & Co. KG, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany