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June 2023

A new two-channel AI/OI intrinsic-safety barrier

The new KCD2-SCS-EX2 (photo) is a two-channel, dual-function analog input (AI)/analog output (AO) intrinsic-safety barrier in a compact 12.5-mm housing. The two channels of the KCD2-SCS Series interface modules can be configured individually for analog input or analog output control signals. They are also HART compatible and can function as output drivers for smart valve positioners or as a power supply for smart two-wire transmitters. For analog input signals, the control side can be operated either as a current source or current sink via selectable DIP switches on the front panel. Each channel is configurable to allow positioner control on one channel (AO), and position monitoring (AI) on the second channel. Positioners ensure that the actuator is brought into a position specified by the control system. — Pepperl+Fuchs Inc., Twinsburg, Ohio


Tilt-down conveyor increases flexibility and convenience

The new mobile, tilt-down flexible-screw conveyor (photo) fits restrictive processing situations. Positioning of the support boom against, and parallel to, the conveyor tube minimizes the height needed to maneuver the system under doorways and mezzanines, and to fit the conveyor’s discharge between process equipment inlets and overhead obstructions. A low center of gravity maximizes stability during operation and when rolling the unit between multiple processing tasks and washdown stations. When fully lowered, the tilt-down mechanism positions the clean-out cap of the conveyor tube higher off the plant floor, and the conveyor’s discharge closer to the floor, allowing removal and re-insertion of the flexible screw from standing height during cleaning and inspection. The screw is the only moving part contacting material, and is driven beyond the discharge point, preventing material contact with bearings or seals. It self-centers as it rotates, providing ample clearance between itself and the tube wall to eliminate or minimize grinding, while creating a gentle rolling action that prevents segregation of the most disparate blends. — Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, Pa.


Valve indicator for potentially explosive environments

The T.VIS E-20 control top (photo) is of interest to the food and dairy industries, among others, which process highly flammable hazardous substances in the form of milk powder and sugar dust. When such powders contact oxygen, even a small amount of energy can cause ignition. The control top is an Ex-compliant status indicator for valves, a star-shaped LED that glows green when active, and yellow when inactive. Like all control tops of the T.VIS family, the new Ex-protected version has a compact design. Thanks to the T.VIS housing technology, all components feature the highest level of dust and moisture protection according to the IP6k9k standard. — GEA Group AG, Düsseldorf, Germany


Intelligent flow converter for safety applications

The new IFC 400 electromagnetic flow converter (photo) combines with this company’s Optiflux 4000 to create the Optiflux 4400 electromagnetic flowmeter. The IFC 400 helps detect external influences, such as excessive vibration, temperature extremes and magnetic field effects, and also detects process influences like chemicals and excessive sedimentation in the liquid. To detect these influences, the IFC 400 has a self-diagnostic function covering three aspects: process conditions, device functioning and out-of-specification testing. The process measurement check detects leakages, contamination, liner deformation and air entrainment in the process liquid. The device function self-check continuously monitors electronics and sensor hardware. Out-of-specification testing detects any sudden unexplained flow changes, linearity issues and uncertain measurements. — Krohne Inc., Beverly, Mass.

Automatically feed multiple ingredients to one location

Batch-weigh systems from this company can be configured to automatically transfer, weigh and dispense multiple materials fed from multiple locations to a common discharge location (photo). Integrating proprietary weighing technology, a programmable logic controller (PLC) and load cells with the company’s flexible screw conveyor, the system is suitable for loading multiple powders, granules, flakes, pellets and other bulk materials into mixers, blenders, hoppers, tanks and containers, each in precise, preset amounts. The batch-weigh system achieves a 99% or better batch-weighing accuracy to ensure the mixture, blend and end product meet the targeted specifications. — Automated Flexible Conveyor, Inc., Clifton, N.J.


New and updated flow sensors for biotech applications

Last month at Interphex, this company introduced the BioProTT FlowSU system and updated SumoFlo CPFM-8103 single-use Coriolis mass flowmeter technologies (photo). The BioProTT FlowSU System is a next-generation flow-measurement system that has been designed for single-use biopharma applications. The FlowSU System revolve around a disposable sensor that eliminates the need for calibration and can be easily integrated into most standard manifolds while performing flow-measurement and air-in-line detection tasks simultaneously. The sensor’s straight-line flow path also produces product transfer with less shear stress to better protect sensitive fluids from damage. The SumoFlo CPFM-8103 is said to be the world’s only gamma-sterilizable Coriolis mass flowmeter, and has a reading accuracy of ±1% in flowrates from 0.05 to 100 kg/min. — PSG Biotech, Oakbrook Terrace, Ill.


Manage chemicals with this new radar level sensor

The Dulcolevel (photo) is a new radar level sensor that provides continuous information on tank liquid levels. This ensures tanks can be refilled on time without any process interruption and makes chemical inventory management remarkably straightforward. In parallel to this, a specific Inventory Management module has been added to the Dulconnex cloud platform. Thanks to both innovations, operators can now obtain a complete digital fluid-management system from a single source. The measuring range covers volumes of 30 to 1,500 L for any tank of up to 15 m in height, with an accuracy of ±5 mm. — ProMinent GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany


A graphite rupture disc for high temperatures

The GRX graphite rupture disc (photo) has been developed for processes with corrosive media, low and medium pressure and temperatures between –180 and 500°C (1,500°C in the absence of O2). Thanks to the specially developed Pyro-Carbon (PyC) coating, the GRX rupture disc resists significantly higher temperatures, while remaining permanently leak-tight. With an operating pressure ratio of up to 80% and burst tolerances of ±10%, the GRX is usable for rupture pressures from 0.05 bar. Optionally, a vacuum or backpressure support can be integrated, which is installed without adhesive (which melts at very high temperatures). The GRX is also available with a burst indicator, upon request. The installation occurs directly between the flanges or other clamp systems. — Rembe GmbH Safety+Control, Brilon, Germany