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July 2023

These feed pumps now have new signaling capabilities

This company has recently added 4–20-mA signal capabilities to its Chem-Feed CD1 multi-diaphragm metering pump (photo) and its Flexflo A1 peristaltic metering pump. The 4–20 mA signal can be sent from the pump to a SCADA system where operators can remotely monitor the pump, allowing for improved automation and monitoring. The mA signal can also be used as an input for another device for controlling multiple devices with a single mA signal. The Flexflo A1 self-priming chemical-feed pump will not vapor lock and never loses prime. The Chem-Feed CD1 has dual-diaphragm hyperdrive technology, which provides a continuous chemical feed that is engineered to require no maintenance. — Blue-White Industries Ltd., Huntington Beach, Calif.


A new series of side-channel blowers to handle high flowrates

The new DB series of side-channel blowers are suitable for rough industrial processes, such as drying, pneumatic conveying or suction processes, where high flowrates are required. In the blowers, vacuum is created by the kinetic energy of the rotating impeller. The impellers are connected to the motor shaft and enable suction of the pumped medium, which is accelerated in the side channel. Depending on the required vacuum performance, the DB series is available in single-stage and two-stage versions, optionally with one impeller or twin impellers each. The single-stage version releases the pumped medium after it has gone through just one stage, while in the two-stage version it enters the second stage after the first one. Operation with twin impellers increases the blower’s capacity. The two-stage version achieves a higher vacuum level. The combination of both results in larger airflows and higher vacuum level with just one machine. Thanks to the dry, non-contact pumping principle, the exhaust air cannot be contaminated. — Atlas Copco Compressors LLC, Rock Hill, S.C.

Configurable safety modules for extreme ambient conditions

The PSRmodular XC (eXtended Conditions) configurable safety modules (photo) enables functional safety requirements to be reliably implemented, even under extreme ambient conditions. The new modules have an extended temperature range of up to 70°C. They are equipped with a coated printed circuit board for use in atmospheres containing harmful gases. Due to their extended approval, the PSRmodular XC modules can also be used in maritime applications. Further approvals for use in explosive atmospheres and for use in heat-treatment machinery are in preparation. The portfolio has also been extended to include a new base module with integrated network interface. This means that all important protocols can be used without an additional gateway. Two built-in RJ45 ports enable remote maintenance via remote access. — Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Blomberg, Germany

Two new double-seat valves for hygienic processing and CIP

This company has launched two new products in its Unique Mixproof valve product series. The Unique Mixproof CIP (photo) is a double-seat valve that safely and efficiently manages the flow of cleaning media during clean-in-place (CIP) processes. The Unique Mixproof Process, a compact double-seat valve, is configurable for fundamental hygienic-processing requirements. Both new valves are capable of simultaneously routing two different fluids without the risk of cross-contamination, thereby contributing to more uptime. Double-seat technology with seat lift keeps the fluids separated, ensuring efficient cleaning and complete protection against the intrusion of harmful microorganisms. With a fully balanced design, the valves can easily handle high pressure without the risk of pressure shocks. According to the manufacturer, these new valves eliminate unnecessary product loss while delivering up to 90% savings in water and CIP media. — Alfa Laval AB, Lund, Sweden

These new ball valves are designed for corrosive applications

The GFPP-B TB Series ball valve (photo) is constructed of glass-filled polyproylene black (GFPP-B), which increases the range of piping applications that can be serviced with this company’s True Union ball valve product line to include chemical handling, mining, agriculture, hydroponics, aquaculture and other corrosive applications. Available in sizes ranging from 0.5 to 2 in., the new GFPP-B TB Series features a full port design, with true union-threaded or flanged-end connections. The valves have a maximum pressure rating of 150 psi with threaded (NPT or BSPT) or flanged ends (ANSI 150 or PN10), and a maximum service temperature of 240°F. The GFPP-B material provides excellent impact and ultraviolet (UV) resistance. Other features include double O-ring stem seals, easy actuation, reversible seats and more. Further options include pneumatic or electric actuation, manual limit switches, stem extensions, transition fittings and PVC socket ends. — Hayward Flow Control, Berkeley Heights, N.J.


Revamped compressors provide more air and higher pressures

The CSD series of screw compressors (photo) has been redesigned to improve efficiency over a wider range of flows and pressures. With five models ranging from 60 to 125 hp, new airend designs and IE4 Super Premium Efficiency motors provide the CSD compressors with even better specific performance (kW/100 ft3/min) to deliver up to 25% more air than competitors, according to the manufacturer. Capacities of the CSD series range from 261 to 693 ft3/min and pressures from 80 to 217 psig. — Kaeser Compressors, Inc., Fredericksburg, Va.

Versatile feeder handles a wide range of bulk solids

The MechaTron dry material feeder (photo) has all the unique design features that manufacturers require for their processing applications. Complete disassembly from the non-process side of the feeder eliminates the need to remove upper extension hoppers, bins, bulk bags and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) to clean or maintain the feeder. Flexible or all stainless-steel hoppers are available to accommodate any unique dry-material feeding application. MechaTron feeders handle a wide range of volumetric or gravimetric feeding applications for bulk solid materials, such as TiO2, wood flour and carbon black. The MechaTron can achieve feedrates from 0.002 to 1,100 ft3/h. — Schenck Process LLC, Whitewater, Wis.

Minimize the carbon footprint of pipeline operations

The Zero Emission Electro-Hydraulic actuator (photo) provides a comprehensive solution to lower emissions without requiring pipeline gas as the actuator’s primary power supply. Pipeline actuators have previously relied on using the gas from the pipeline as a power source, which is then emitted into the atmosphere. With the self-contained Zero Emission Electro-Hydraulic solution, the power source is attached to the actuator in a compact platform. Available in spring-return or double-acting configurations, the Zero Emission Electro-Hydraulic package can be mounted directly to the valve via flange or custom connection. The pump, motor, reservoir limit switches, solenoids and positioners are mounted to the actuator. In remote locations where power is not available, solar power systems can be applied to run the systems. A skid-mounted hydraulic-power unit for larger operations is also available, enabling power for multiple actuators simultaneously. — Automation Technology, Inc. (ATI), Houston


A digital ecosystem for enhanced actuator performance

The Coralink digital ecosystem (photo) provides closely networked support for this company’s actuators, helping plant operators across all phases of the plant’s lifecycle, from commissioning and predictive maintenance to active lifecycle management. At the heart of Coralink is the ability to evaluate the extensive operating data that actuators record automatically in their role as intelligent field devices. The data can easily be read from each actuator, including via a smartphone, and then analyzed. Thanks to its scalability, Coralink saves time and money, even when operators simply use it to check the condition of individual actuators. In advanced applications, Coralink can be used for comprehensive monitoring of all the actuators on a plant, as well as to implement IIoT solutions. — AUMA Riester GmbH & Co. KG, Ostfildern, Germany

Smart inspection system for maintenance in hazardous areas

Together with its strategy partner Senseven, this company has introduced the Valve Sense mobile inspection system (photo). Industrial users can now use the software and AI-based system in conjunction with this company’s IS540.1 smartphone to monitor critical valves in international explosive hazardous areas. This solution uses advanced sensor technology based on the proven acoustic emission method, which can be easily applied by maintenance personnel via software guidance — without special training or expert knowledge. Companies can use the mobile inspection set consisting of a smartphone, measuring electronics, waveguide, sensors and a software package to regularly check their plants themselves during ongoing production, thus saving time and money. Intact valves ensure smooth operation, guarantee product quality and also provide safety for employees. Valve Sense helps to detect valve leakage of water, gas, steam or air at an early stage and to react promptly. — Mobile GmbH, Lauda-Koenigshofen, Germany

Robust hearing protection with Bluetooth connectivity

Noise-COM 500 products (photo) are Bluetooth-enabled hearing protectors specifically designed for use in extremely harsh, noisy operations. They are suitable, for example, for use in construction, mining or other heavy industries where using hearing protection is vital, and the ability to communicate with clarity is of equally high importance. These robust and durable hearing protectors combine excellent ambient-sound quality with an outstanding noise-canceling microphone for clear speech. As the Noise-COM 500 can be connected to various Bluetooth two-way radios or mobile phones, users can comfortably listen to audio, as well as make and receive phone calls. Additionally, the ambient sound feature allows users to clearly hear surrounding sounds, such as speech or warning signals while blocking high-level, harmful noises out. There is also an easily accessible rotary button for push-to-talk and ambient-sound volume adjustment. With the Noise-COM 500XP model, there is an option to define ambient-sound audio profiles for different occasions, enabling the best possible audio for most operational situations. — Savox Communications Inc., Raleigh, N.C.


Optical flame detection over longer distances

The Spyglass SG50-F triple infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) open-path flame detectors (photo) offer fast and high-performance optical flame detection over extensive distances, and superior false-alarm immunity when operating in challenging environments. All Spyglass flame detectors are available with optional built-in color or near-IR video, which allows users to see fires remotely and make critical safety decisions from a distance. Color video is proficient at seeing gasoline and jet fuel fires, while the near-IR video option identifies fires caused by hydrogen and methanol, which may not be visible to the naked eye. — Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection, Cypress, Tex.


Protect tanks against overpressure or excess vacuum

12F-TWW-0 pressure/vacuum relief valves (PVRV; photo) are designed to increase protection against damage to tank equipment caused by overpressure or excessive vacuum. These new devices are said to achieve superior sealing performance and industry-leading flowrates within a smaller valve footprint utilizing 10% overpressure technology. With this device, costly product evaporative losses due to normal tank “breathing” are greatly reduced and fugitive emissions are minimized, the company says. Made from aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel, the Model 12F-TWW-0 PVRV is available in sizes from 2–12 in., in pressure settings from 0.5 to 24 oz/in2 and vacuum settings of 0.464 to 24 oz/in2. It also offers superior tightness, exceeding API-2000 leak requirements, and is PED and ATEX certified. — Groth Corp., Stafford, Tex.