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New Products & Services

September 2023

Comprehensive handling for a variety of water-treatment materials

Source: Vibra Screw

This company offers a number of pre-packaged chemical feed and mix solutions for various water- and wastewater-treatment applications. Materials such as activated carbon, diatomaceous earth, lime, sod ash and others can be easily and effectively handled with high efficiency and accuracy. The proven hoppering, bag dump and feeding components form the basis of systems that include makeup tanks, wetting cones, blowers and eductors. Complete manufacturer responsibility is assumed for mechanical and electrical design and integration of all components into turnkey, skid-mounted assemblies.  — Vibra Screw, Inc., Totowa, N.J.

Funnels for dispensing and pouring materials into containers

Source: Denios US

The new Falcon line of stainless-steel funnels (photo) are used for the fast, safe, and efficient pouring of materials into intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), drums plunger cans, spray bottles and other chemical containers. They are well-suited to guide the flow of liquids and powders into small openings on other containers, making them ideal for filling or refilling procedures. The stainless-steel funnel is part of a full family of Falcon funnels for drums, totes and other containers. Other funnels are available in carbon steel and polyethylene. — Denios US, Inc., Louisville, Ky.