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Proper Sizing and Installation for Steam System Safety Valves

By Kelly Paffel, Inveno Engineering |

Successful operation of safety valves in steam systems requires careful adherence to established industry standards for installation and design One of the most critical safety devices in a steam system is the safety valve. Figure 1 is an illustration of a typical safety valve, and Figure 2 shows a valve in context on a steam line. Safety valves protect personnel, equipment and property from potentially dangerous high temperatures and forces caused by excessive steam pressure in the steam system. FIGURE 1. A safety valve used in a steam system should meet the rigorous requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel codes[/caption] FIGURE 2. A safety valve in a steam line protects against potentially dangerous situations, including excessive steam pressure and high temperatures[/caption] Steam safety valves are required by industry standards, as well as insurance and corporate mandates. Therefore, it is important that the safety valve be properly sized and installed to meet all code requirements. The code that establishes the requirements for steam safety valves is written by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME; New York, N.Y.; www.asme.org). ASME, through its committees, has published and continues to update…
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