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Proprietary control technology for pneumatic conveying units

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

The ET line of advanced controllers are designed to automatically manage operation of this company’s pneumatic vacuum-conveying systems (photo). Applying proprietary technology, ET conveyor controllers feature a sensor-based design that monitors material levels in the feed hopper, vacuum conveyor or receiving vessel via a choice of three operating modes, automatically controlling material transfer at every step, avoiding the potential for human error. Suitable for managing the transfer of powders, pellets, granules and other bulk materials, the ET line of electronic controllers comprises the ET-Advance for monitoring up to four level sensors at the same time, and the ET3 and ET4 for monitoring individual sensor locations. The controllers may be adjusted to change the vacuum-pump suction time, material discharge time, line clearing time and other parameters to quickly accommodate different materials and recipes. ET controllers may be integrated into existing programmable logic controller (PLC) environments or operated as standalone units. — Volkmann USA, Inc., Bristol, Pa.