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Proprietary mixing technology for sanitary processes

| By Chemical Engineering

Readco Kurimoto

This company has developed a line of sanitary processors (photo) that offer proprietary continuous-mixing technology in a sanitary design approved and certified by the USDA. The continuous processors feature solid, one-piece, removable, rotating shafts that cannot harbor material, with removable end plates and feed and discharge connections as standard in an all-stainless-steel design. The sanitary processors can be fully disassembled for cleaning in minutes and withstand chemical washdown conditions. The mixers automatically mix, encapsulate, crystallize or chemically react multiple powdered, liquid or viscous ingredients at the same time. Using twin-shaft, co-rotating screws set within a closed barrel, the continuous technology consistently yields a uniform, homogeneous product while eliminating the multiple steps required in batch processing. — Readco Kurimoto, LLC, York, Pa.