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Purifying refinery gas

| By Chemical Engineering

BASF AG (Ludwigshafen, Germany; has commercialized specialty amino-acid salt formulations that are specially designed for the purification of highly aggressive gas streams at petroleum refineries. PuraTreat R formulations can be used to remove hydrogen sulfide and — if necessary — carbon dioxide, from the gas mix. PuraTreat R absorbs more H2S than alternative amine solvents, including MEA, MDEA and DEA, and provides the highest treating capacity at low solvent-circulation rates, says BASF. The solvent is not degraded by oxygen and olefins, and has the lowest co-absorption rates for non-acid gases, thereby minimizing hydrocarbon losses. PuraTreat is used in standard absorber columns operating at 30–60°C, and is regenerated at temperatures of 100–120°C.