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Quickly contain leaking flanges and valves

| By Chemical Engineering

Andax Industries

Andax Industries

The Xtreme Shell (photo) provides fast containment of a leaking flange, valve or any other connection point, virtually eliminating the costs of emergency shutdowns and the need for emergency repairs related to pipe flange and valve leaks, says the manufacturer. The Xtreme Shell can be installed with optional remote monitoring for a potential leak point or to divert an existing leak within minutes while on site or in remote locations.The Xtreme Shell is manufactured to ANSI pipe and flange standards to fit precisely over the leaking flange or valve. The diversion line, once secured, allows the containment vessel to be placed nearby. It can be used in a variety of leak-detection situations, including in utilities and energy distribution, electrical equipment, bottling and canning facilities and pharmaceuticals. — Andax Industries LLC, Saint Marys, Kan.