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Quiet, low-vibration pumps for sensitive applications

| By Chemical Engineering



The Ecodry plus (photo) is a vacuum pump designed specifically for applications in the transition area between small laboratory equipment and large-scale industrial machines, in the size class ranging from 40–60 m3/h. Ecodry pumps’ quiet operation — the average noise level is just 52 dB — is achievable due to insulation that is integrated into the pump housing, as well as an optimized silencer in the exhaust. Because there is no dust or oil contamination, these pumps are suitable for installation with large-scale accelerator systems. The non-contact rotor design is not only designed for quiet operation, but also for low vibration. This is especially beneficial in applications that require the production of high-resolution images, such as in electron and scanning microscopy, because the transmission of vibrations from a pump can hinder these results. — Leybold GmbH, Cologne, Germany