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Radar level measurement for smaller process connections

| By Chemical Engineering

Magnetrol International

Magnetrol International

The Pulsar Model R86 non-contact radar transmitter (photo) provides level-measurement performance with a smaller-wavelength 26-GHz radar signal, which results in smaller antennas and improved resolution. This is an important distinction for some process vessels because the smaller beam angle allows for installation into process connections as small as 1.5 in. (38 mm). Automated echo capture conveys realtime waveform and trend data. In addition, the event history displays up to 20 events, including diagnostic and configuration data, to pinpoint issues. The Pulsar Model R86 uses circular polarization, which eliminates the need to rotate the antenna orientation during commissioning. This simplifies installation and delivers proper alignment. High-temperature antennas are designed for use in operating conditions up to 750°F. Nozzle extensions ranging from 12 to 72 in. accommodate nonstandard nozzle lengths and buried vessel standpipes. — Magnetrol International, Aurora, Ill.