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Realtime monitoring of water-solvent drying

| By Chemical Engineering

Ametek Process Instruments

Ametek Process Instruments

This company has demonstrated that tunable diode-laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) can provide the advantages of continuous process control of pharmaceutical drying to manufacturers using water as their primary solvent. Working with a pharmaceutical manufacturer, this company carried out a production trial using its Model 5100 HD analyzer (photo) to monitor the batch production of a widely prescribed medication whose synthesis involves the use of water as the final rinse agent. The trial demonstrated that TDLAS techniques can be used to continuously monitor and control the solvent drying process online, in realtime, without operator intervention or process interruption. The Model 5100 analyzer can provide online, realtime process control of moisture over a wide range of levels down to 4 parts per million (ppm), or 2%, of the reading, whichever is greater. — Ametek Process Instruments, Inc., Newark, Del.