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Recently published books for the CPI: January 2017

By Scott Jenkins |

The following is a list of recently published books relevant to professionals in the chemical process industries (CPI).

The Science of Ethanol, By Walter E. Goldstein, CRC Press, 2016, 294 pages, $129.95.

Design and Processing of Particulate Products, By Jim Litster, Cambridge University Press, 2016, 340 pages, $99.99.

Liquid-Solid Separators, By Jean-Paul Duroudier, ISTE Press, 2016, 286 pages, $130.00.

Technical Career Survival Handbook: 100 Things You Should Know, by Peter Burke, Elsevier Press, 2016, 284 pages, $38.21.

 DustExplosion DynamicRiskAnalysis

Dynamic Risk Analysis in the Chemical and Petroleum Industry: Evolution and Interaction with Parallel Disciplines in the Perspective of Industrial Application, Edited by Nicola Paltrinieri and Faisal Khan, Elsevier Press, 2016, 284 pages, $93.50.

Dust Explosion Dynamics, By Russell Ogle, Elsevier Press, 2016, 686 pages, $169.96.

HUmanFactors IndustrialChemProcess

Industrial Chemical Process Analysis and Design, By Mariano M. Martin, Elsevier Press, 2016, 494 pages, $119.94.

Human Factors in the Chemical and Process Industries: Making it Work in Practice, Edited by Janette Edmonds, Elsevier, 2016, 526 pages, $102.00.

InnovativeTechWastewater NovelWaterTreatment PlantHazardAnalysis

Innovative Technologies for the Treatment of Industrial Wastewater: A Sustainable Approach, Edited by Shirish Sonawane, Y. Pydi Setty, T. Bala Narsaiah and others, CRC Press, 2016, 350 pages, $127.96.

Novel Water Treatment and Separation Methods: Simulation of Chemical Processes, Edited by Bharat Bhanvase, Rajendra P. Ugwekar and Raju Mankar, CRC Press, 2017, 320 pages, $127.96.

Plant Hazard Analysis and Safety Instrumented Systems, By Swapan Basu, Elsevier Press, 2016, 1,062 pages, $170.00.

PlatformChemical ProcessPlantLayout

Platform Chemical Biorefinery: Future Green Chemistry, By Satinder Kaur Brar, Saurabh Jyoti Sarma and Kannan Pakshirajan, Elsevier Press, 2016, 582 pages, $199.75.

Process Plant Layout, 2nd ed., By Sean Moran, Butterworth-Heinemann, 2016, 756 pages, $127.50.


Advances in Chemical Engineering: Thermochemical Process Engineering, By Kevin Van Geem, Elsevier Press, 2016, 414 pages, $208.25.

Guidelines for Safe Automation of Chemical Processes, 2nd ed., By the Center for Chemical Process Safety, Wiley-AIChE Press, 2016, 648 pages, $195.00.

Guidelines for Pressure Relief and Effluent Handling Systems, 2nd ed., By the Center for Chemical Process Safety, Wiley-AIChE Press, 2016, 800 pages, $320.00.

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