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Recently Published Books for the CPI: May 2022

By Scott Jenkins, Chemical Engineering magazine |

The following is a list of recently (as of May 2022) published books that may be relevant for professionals in the chemical process industries (CPI). 

Electronic Waste: Recycling and Reprocessing for a Sustainable Future. Edited by Maria Holuszko, Amit Kumar and Denise Espinosa, Wiley-VCH, 2022, $136.00. 

Desalination Technologies: Design and Operation. By Iqbal Mujtaba, Md Tanvir Sowgath, Elsevier Press, 2022, 612 pages, $250.00.

Human Factor and Reliability Analysis to Prevent Losses in Industrial Processes: An Operational Culture Perspective. By Salvador Filho, Ivone de Souza Cerqueira, Carine Nogueira Santino, Elsevier Press, 2022, 570 pages, $125.00.

Biomass Processes and Chemicals. By James Speight, Elsevier Press, 2022, 472 pages, $225.00.

Waste Heat Recovery in Process Industries. By Hussam Jouhara, Wiley-VCH, 288 pages, $100.00.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Manufacturing: Nondestructive Creation. By Girish K. Malhotra, DeGruyter Publishing, 2022, 317 pages, $94.99. 

Extrinsic and Intrinsic Approaches to Self-Healing Polymers and Polymer Composites. By Ming Qiu Zhang and Min Zhi Rong, John Wiley & Sons Publishing, 2022, 352 pages, $156.00.

Managing Cybersecurity in the Process Industries: A Risk-Based Approach. By the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS), John Wiley & Sons Publishing, 2022, 480 pages, $165.00.

Sustainable Separation Engineering: Materials, Techniques and Process Development, volumes 1 and 2. Edited by Gyorgy Szekely and Dan Zhao, John Wiley & Sons Publishing, 2022, 800 pages, $345.00.

Chemical Process Engineering: Design, Analysis, Simulation, Integration and Problem Solving with Microsoft Excel-UniSim Software for Chemical Engineers—Computation, Physical Property, Fluid Flow, Equipment and Instrument Sizing, Volume 1.  By Rahmat Sotudeh-Gharebagh and A. Kayode Coker, John Wiley & Sons Publishing, 2022, 544 pages, $236.00.



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