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Recently Published Books for the CPI: November 2018

| By Scott Jenkins

The following recently published books are relevant to the chemical process industries (CPI):

Membrane-Based Salinity Gradient Processes for Water Treatment and Power Generation. Edited by Sarper Sarp and Nidal Hilal, Elsevier Press, 2018, 366 pages, $187.00.

 MembraneBasedSalinityBowTiesRiskManageBow Ties in Risk Management: A Concept Book for Process Safety. By the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS), Wiley-AIChE, 2018, 224 pages, $150.00.


Fuel Cells and Hydrogen: From Fundamentals to Applied Research. Edited by Viktor Hacker and Shigenori Mitsushima. Elsevier Press, 2018, 296 pages, $195.50.


Current Trends and Future Developments on (Bio-)Membranes: Carbon Dioxide Separation/Capture by Using Membranes. By Angelo Basile and Evangelos Favvas, Elsevier Press, 2018, 668 pages, $221.00.

 CurrentTrendsFutureDevMaterial Balance and Process Calculations: A Book for Chemical Engineers and Chemists. By Kingsley Augustine, independently published, 2018, 168 pages, $11.99.

Careers in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. By Victor H. Edwards and Suzanne Shelley, CRC Press, 2018, 188 pages, $59.95.

Sustainable Chemical Production Processes. By Guy Marin and Kevin Geem, DeGruyter Press, 2018, 510 pages, $160.99.

Proceedings of the International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology Conference 2018. Edited by Scott Shemwell and Jia’en Lin, Springer Press, 2018, 231 pages. $219.99.


HydrogenationSolving Large-Scale Production Scheduling and Planning in the Process Industries. Georgios M. Kopanos and Luis Puigjaner, Springer Press, 2018, 291 pages, $169.99.

Hydrogenation: Catalysts and Processes. Edited by S. David Jackson, DeGruyter Press, 2018, 260 pages, $103.99.

Biodesulfurization in Petroleum Refining. Nour Shafik El-Gendy and Hussein Nabil Nassar, Wiley-Scrivener Publishing, 2018, 1,200 pages, $295.00.