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Recycle exhaust air and reduce energy costs

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

The new Vibro-Bed Energy Recovery System (ERS; photo) is an exhaust-air recycling system engineered to help material processors lower energy costs, reduce unpleasant odors and curb emissions. The Vibro-Bed ERS can be retrofitted onto this company’s and competitors’ fluidized-bed drying systems or added onto new equipment installations. A partial-loop drying system, ERS recycles a portion of the heated air exhausted by the fluidized bed, while removing excess water vapor from the airstream. A programmable logic controller (PLC) opens and closes a series of backdraft dampers, forcing the previously heated air back into the fluidized-bed dryer. Ideal applications for the ERS include those with exhaust-air temperatures that exceed 150°F (66°C); or large particle sizes that do not release moisture easily; or low drying rates for materials that have bound moisture content, such as grains, fruits and vegetables. — Kason Corp., Millburn, N.J.