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Reduce drying times and utility costs with this vertical dryer

| By Chemical Engineering

De Dietrich Process Systems

De Dietrich Process Systems

The Guedu vertical dryers (photo) offer benefits for drying powders in the chemical process industries, including cosmetics and food applications. The vertical dryers operate differently than hot-air and tray dryers. Powder is stirred under vacuum, which shortens the drying time by a factor 2 to 10 compared to tray dryers. Also, by reducing the necessary handling, a similar shortening of the total cycle time is achieved, says the manufacturer. The improved heat transfer during drying leads to a reduction in utilities costs. Mechanical mixing during drying leads to an improved product homogeneity, and the product emerges with residual moisture values below 0.1% where required, says the company. — De Dietrich Process Systems, Niederbronn Cedex, France