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Reduce investment and operating costs with pneumatics

| By Chemical Engineering



Water supply company Landeswasserversorgung (Stuttgart, Germany) employed this company’s pneumatic automation technology for the construction of the multimedia and activated-carbon filtering basins in a new groundwater filtration system. The automation technology controls the water flow using pneumatic valve actuators (photo) and process valves for regulation and shutoff, as well as for preventing return flow. The company installed seven open two-tier filters in the new groundwater filtration system. During backwashing of one multimedia filter, the pipelines are opened and closed by 10 shutoff valves, which are actuated by this company’s DAPS pneumatic quarter-turn actuators. The actuators are controlled by valve terminals with a Profinet connection. Overall, the technology saved Landeswasserversorgung 10% on its investment and operating costs compared to electric automation, says this company. — Festo AG, Esslingen am Neckar, Germany