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A reliable way to detect water in tanks

| By Chemical Engineering

Sar-Gel Blue (photo) is a new nontoxic water-finding paste. It provides a reliable way to detect phase-separated water in fuel or equipment tanks containing gasoline, gasoline/ethanol blends (up to 15% ethanol), diesel, jet fuel, fuel oil, biodiesel and other water-incompatible solvents. The presence of water at the bottom of a fuel or equipment tank can contaminate product added into the tank and damage the vessel itself. Users spread a small amount of the paste on the end of a gauge stick and insert the stick into the tank for the recommended amount of time. When it detects water, Sar-Gel Blue paste will change from orange to dark blue. The high-contrast color change provides visibility in poor lighting situations. The new formula will not run or fade, so it is easy to see the water line. — Sartomer, a business line of Arkema, Colombes, France