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Remote I/O IS1+ as an edge gateway for Zones 1 and 2

| By Gerald Ondrey

Alongside its proven remote input/output (I/O) functionality, IS1+ (photo) is now also available for use as an edge gateway with a connection via OPC UA and optional integrated signal pre-processing. In this process, all diagnostics and device data are transmitted parallel to the supported communication protocols Profibus DP, ProfiNet, EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP via OPC UA to superordinate systems, such as aggregation servers or cloud applications. This means that IS1+ can be used in modern system concepts such as NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA) for monitoring and optimization functions using the second channel, and enables the use of these concepts in hazardous areas in Zone 1. For brownfield systems in particular, which often operate using Profibus DP, IS1+ offers a simple migration path: While process control is still performed via Profibus, all additionally available data from the system and connected field devices is transmitted via a second channel with Ethernet and OPC UA. — R. Stahl, Waldenburg, Germany