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Remove O2 from water with this two-step vacuum process

| By Chemical Engineering


The new High Vacuum Water Deaeration (V2WD) de-aerates water down to a residual oxygen concentration below 10 parts per billion (ppb) without the use of a stripping gas. Optionally, the water can be cooled down, filtered or sterilized with ultraviolet (UV) light. The function of the unit can be monitored and documented by an in-line oxygen analyzer at the outlet of the unit. The process can be used in the brewing, beverage, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in the power-generation industry — wherever water with the lowest oxygen content is required to assure high product quality and stability, and to avoid corrosion. The system is characterized by high operational reliability and low energy consumption. — corosys Prozeßsysteme und Sensoren GmbH, Hoffheim am Taunus, Germany