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Risk analytics enhance this cybersecurity platform

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey


PAS Global

The newest release of this company’s Cyber Integrity platform, Version 6.3, includes risk analytics to continuously measure and identify cybersecurity risks to multi-vendor OT (operational technology) endpoints, as well as forensic analysis capabilities that provide deep insight into the impact and propagation of a cyber-attack, including consideration of vulnerabilities, patch currency gaps, configuration baseline deviations and unauthorized configuration changes down to the field-instrument level. Cyber Integrity’s risk-analysis functionality can also identify OT endpoint security degradation and risk propagation so that OT security specialists, automation engineers and risk/compliance managers can prioritize remediation. The forensic investigations are enabled by extensive multi-vendor configuration and referential insight to provide foundational control-system cybersecurity, enterprise scalability and platform independence. — PAS Global, LLC, Houston