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Safety and diagnostic features enhance this flowmeter line

| By Chemical Engineering

Emerson Process

Emerson Process

The new Rosemount 8700M Magnetic Flowmeter line provides enhanced safety for hazardous-area applications, along with intelligent diagnostics. Glass feed-throughs transmit signals between isolated compartments of the transmitter enclosure, providing the most effective barrier for safety and reliability. The all-welded sensor design and dual-compartment transmitter housing keep critical components isolated from environmental hazards — a leading cause of electronics failures. Enhanced diagnostics, including Smart Meter Verification and the new Electrode Coating Detection provide users with more information than ever before about the flowmeter, installation and process, enabling more informed decision-making, easier identification of process issues, and simplified flowmeter verification. The Electrode Coating Detection diagnostic identifies coating on the electrode before the sensor signal is compromised, helping to prevent inaccurate flow measurement. — Emerson Process Management, Shakopee, Minn.