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Safety sensors designed for increased vibration resistance

| By Chemical Engineering

ABB Jokab Safety Products

ABB Jokab Safety Products

This company’s Eden sensors (photo) now feature a solid-state, board-level design with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology for increased resistance to vibration and greater security. RFID technology allows for large sensing distances and its vibration resistance decreases the risk of involuntary stops that are common in older technologies. The entire Eden line is IP69K rated, making these safety sensors suitable for applications that require resistance to dust and liquid ingress, such as washdown operations in food-and-beverage processing plants. Eden Dynamic safety sensors use dynamic-pulse, single-channel safety architecture and comply with Category 4/Performance Level e (Cat. 4/PLe) per EN/ISO 13849, indicating that failure of an individual device will not result in the loss of safety function. According to the manufacturer, the Eden product line also introduced the capability of uniquely coding safety sensors to comply with the demands of EN/ISO 14119 for hazardous applications. Eden safety sensors also have flexible, 360-deg mounting and a temperature range of –40 to 158°F. — ABB Jokab Safety Products, Westland, Mich.