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Save energy and space with these compact refrigerant dryers

| By Tracey Lilly

HPC WordCloudEfficient and reliable compressed air treatment, such as refrigeration drying that removes unwanted moisture, is essential in many industrial applications, and the new Secotec TF Refrigerant Dryer Series enables users to maximize energy savings while using less space. A feature of these second-generation dryers is a latent-heat, thermal-mass heat-exchanger system, which leads to a significantly higher thermal storage capacity, as 98% less thermal material is required compared to conventional refrigeration-drying systems. The dryers deliver air flows from 17 to 34 m³/min, and are designed to use less than 87 W/m3 of air to be dried per minute, compared to conventional systems that use 200–250 W/m3 on average, says the company. — HPC Compressed Air Systems, Burgess Hill, U.K.