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Screwdrivers with durable (and comfortable) handles

| By Chemical Engineering

Endress+ Hauser

Endress+ Hauser

Cushion Grip is a new line of screwdrivers (photo) that features a durable tri-material cushion grip handle with an anti-peel design to ensure the grips will not fall off. Unique to the new Cushion Grip Screwdrivers is new-to-world tactile identification on the end of every tool, a feature that allows users to simply feel for the correct tool on their belt without having to look, enhancing productivity. For more leverage and precise control, a wrench-ready bolster enables users to utilize a wrench to maximize the tightening and loosening force, and knurled shanks provide users with better gripping surface to rotate the shank when performing precision fastening. — Milwaukee Tool, Milwaukee, Wis.