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Selectively remove chromium (IV) from wastewater

| By Chemical Engineering



The new, selective Lewatit TP 107 ion-exchange resin was developed specifically for municipal drinking water treatment facilities and is certified to NSF/ANSI standard 61. Lewatit TP 107 also offers key advantages in the industrial sector, such as for wastewater treatment in the electroplating industries. The regenerable adsorber resin (multiple-use) demonstrates desirable chromate-adsorption kinetics at high specific flowrates, thus significantly reducing the resin requirements, says the manufacturer. Compared to traditional strong-base anion-exchange resins, the capacity for chromium (VI) is increased by a factor of up to 2.5. Hazardous chromate is removed from wastewater with up to 100 ppm Cr (VI) content, as well as at very low concentrations in the ppb range, thus meeting all current regulatory requirements. The resins require fairly infrequent regeneration, thereby significantly reducing the consumption of regeneration chemicals. Following reduction, the regenerating solutions can be treated easily and safely. — Lanxess AG,Cologne, Germany