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Show Preview: Chem Show 2019

| By Mary Page Bailey

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From October 22–24, professionals from all sectors of the chemical process industries (CPI) will meet in New York City for the 2019 Chem Show ( With over 275 exhibitors, Chem Show’s exhibit hall will feature demonstrations of new process equipment and other innovative technologies. The seminar program offers numerous technical sessions that provide attendees with process insights, ranging from safety best practices to energy efficiency and economic viability. Some of the technical sessions’ focus areas include guidance on shutdown events and disaster planning; integrated systems and digitalization; and general CPI best practices, including troubleshooting and management of change. This Show Preview covers a small selection of the process equipment that will be showcased at the
2019 Chem Show.

As part of its seminar program, the Chem Show will host presentations from the 2019 finalists for the Kirkpatrick Chemical Engineering Achievement Award, which is given every two years by Chemical Engineering to honor the most noteworthy chemical engineering technologies to reach commercialization. The finalists were selected by a panel of judges consisting of chemical engineering department heads at accredited universities. Each finalist company has been invited to give a presentation outlining its nominated technology during the Chem Show. The 2019 Kirkpatrick finalists are summarized below:

  • Braskem is nominated for its development of a process to manufacture renewable ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA)
  • Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics is nominated for the Symbiex adhesive technology for laminated multilayer packaging
  • Johnson Matthey is nominated for the Catacel SSR catalyst, which can decrease pressure drop while increasing heat transfer and catalytic activity in steam methane reformers
  • LanzaTech is nominated for its gas fermentation technology, which converts carbon-rich gas streams, such as industrial emissions and other waste streams, to products, using proprietary microbes that feed on gases rather than sugars
  • Reliance Industries is nominated for the simultaneous production of benzene and gasoline from the C6 heart cut of fluid catalytic cracker (FCC) gasoline using extractive distillation
  • TechnipFMC is nominated for the Direct Heating Unit (Flameless Combustion) technology, which adds heat to high-temperature processes in a more controlled and efficient manner than classic combustion

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