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Show Preview: HydrogenNext

| By Mary Page Bailey

The HydrogeNext conference is taking place August 16–17 in Savannah, Ga. as part of the larger Experience Power Week event ( Hydrogen is expected to play a major role in decarbonizing global energy systems, and the technical sessions and panel discussions at HydrogeNext will explore the full hydrogen value chain, from production to distribution and end-use. Attendees will benefit not only from HydrogeNext’s comprehensive technical conference program, but also the full slate of activities of Experience Power, including a large exhibition hall featuring hands-on technology demonstrations, numerous networking opportunities and the option to attend two other co-located technical conferences — the Distributed Energy Conference and Electric Power Insights. Below is the HydrogeNext conference program.


Wed. August 16

But First, a Safety Moment

This session focuses on some unique safety issues that the hydrogen industry is facing, including challenges related to pipelines and enclosures.


Hydrogen Materials Supply Overview

With so many factors affecting the supply chain, one must stop to think about issues around material availability as the industry looks to increase hydrogen production. This session will provide an overview of areas to focus on as this industry grows.


Alkaline, PEM, AEM, Oh My — So many ways to produce hydrogen

This session will include a deep dive into several different electrolyzer technologies and review the engineering specifics to understand the nuances of their utilization in industry


Hydrogen in the Real World — A Look at Emerging Projects and Applications

This session will showcase several projects that are currently underway to test and develop hydrogen technologies, with input from project leaders about the challenges and opportunities they are facing and the projects’ impact on the future economy.


Overcoming Challenges in Utilization, Purification and Water Usage

There are many pieces to the renewable-hydrogen puzzle, including balancing the technological demands of hydrogen production and utilization with the abilities of current technologies for combustion, purification and separation of hydrogen and related products, such as ammonia. The session will also address some of the requirements related to water demand for hydrogen production.


Thu., August 17

Financial Metrics of Hydrogen Projects

In order for hydrogen to be adopted at scale, it needs to be financially viable. This session will explore the financial metrics behind hydrogen projects, including lifecycle analysis, storage, transportation and project viability. Speakers will discuss the factors that make hydrogen projects successful and provide insights into how to make projects more financially attractive.


Hydrogen — the Electrification Alternative

This session will discuss the benefits of hydrogen, the challenges that need to be overcome on the path to electrification, including hydrogen distribution, and how large-equipment manufacturers are repurposing reciprocating engines to utilize hydrogen.


Hydrogen Hubs — Accelerating the Use of Hydrogen as a Clean Energy Source

Hydrogen hubs are clusters of hydrogen production, storage and demand. They are being developed around the world as a way to accelerate the use of hydrogen as a clean energy source. This session will feature speakers from several hydrogen hubs discussing their concept activities, opportunities, adjacent projects, seed markets and connections. They will cover the challenges and opportunities of developing hydrogen hubs, and the potential for hydrogen to play a role in the clean energy transition. ■