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Sika opens new manufacturing plant in northeast China

| By Mary Bailey

Sika AG (Baar, Switzerland) opened a new plant in Liaoning, the largest province in northeastern China. This site will manufacture a full range of products, including mortars, tile adhesives, and waterproofing solutions. This highly efficient new plant enables Sika to meet the market demands, whilst significantly reducing logistical distances.

The Liaoning plant will cater to Sika customers in three provinces in northeastern China, with a population of more than 98 million, as well as east-central Mongolia. In addition to state-of-the-art production lines, the new facility provides office spaces, laboratories, warehousing, and logistics. Currently, Sika has 34 manufacturing sites in China and has been active in the Chinese market for over three decades.

The Liaoning plant will produce a range of mortar products that incorporate up to 20% recycled raw materials during the manufacturing process, such as waste dust and mineral waste residues. In addition, Sika has launched an initiative to transition from natural to alternative sands. In 2023, Sika China already had reached a 13% alternative sand ratio in its mortar production, with half of the plants contributing to this initiative. Looking ahead, Sika China plans to replace 50% of its overall sand consumption with alternative options by 2028.