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Silo Design And Selection

By Keith McGuire, Columbian TecTank |

    There are a variety of reasons to consider the purchase of a new tank or silo1. As organizations grow, so does the need for increased storage capacity. Meanwhile, an old tank may become corroded or worn and require replacing. Once it’s determined that a new tank is needed, there are a variety of choices to consider. Whatever the end purpose, the chemical process industries (CPI) require tanks that are safe and reliable, will suit their volume of storage needed, fit in available space, be maintenance free, last for years to come, and of course, suit the budget. Today’s advanced technology has eliminated the idea that "a tank is a tank." The best tank and silo manufacturers are able to design and engineer storage vessels to meet the exact needs of a facility, suit the specific properties of a product, and make loading and unloading easy. These units are designed to last for decades and to be erected quickly, without exceeding reasonable cost. Once you understand how the features offered by tank manufacturers complement the properties and needs of your product to be stored, you can assuredly purchase the best tank for your budget and receive a tank that will have a long, maintenance-free life.   Material…
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