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Simplify screen changing for separator systems

| By Chemical Engineering

The Electro-Lift system (photo) assists in expediting change times for separator screens, eliminating the need for two people to remove each frame. Electro-Lift is mounted independently to the frame so there is no need for it to be locked out when working. This also enables easier access to the separator unit’s interior for inspection and cleaning. Engineered with a 120-V sealed, gear-driven system, the system is simply plugged into an electrical outlet and only requires a single switch for operation. Unlike traditional hydraulic or pneumatic changing systems, the frames will not fall if the power goes out during screen changes, according to the company. Electro-Lift systems are adaptable to fit a variety of different frame-deck configurations, and most makes and models of round separators can easily convert to this system. — Midwestern Industries, Inc., Massillon, Ohio