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A single-unit separation system for recovering liquids and solids

| By Chemical Engineering



The MRS-30 model material recovery station is designed to automatically separate liquids from solids within a single, self-contained unit that features a proprietary screening panel set inside a leak-proof, bulk plastic container to screen out and capture solid particles and allow liquids to safely pass through and accumulate in the container bottom. When filled to its 30-gal capacity, the MRS-30 may be drained to allow the liquids to be reprocessed and reused onsite, while the solids may be sold as scrap. Suitable as a standalone system or integrated within existing fluid-recycling systems, the MRS-30 effectively separates and collects metal waste chips, ceramics, plastics, rubber and other materials from spent cutting fluids and other liquids. — MODRoto, Inc., Madison, Ind.