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Single-use harvesting for high-cell-density cultures

| By Chemical Engineering

4Sartoclear Dynamics is a clarification system featuring new single-use technology for harvesting mammalian cell cultures (up to 2,000 L) with high cell densities. Sartoclear Dynamics consists of prefilled single-use bags containing ultrapure diatomaceous earth (DE) in a choice of 0.5 to 10 kg. With a new quick-connect adapter for dust-free powder transfer, DE can be directly mixed into the cell-culture fluid. This porous filter aid prevents blockage of the Sartoclear Dynamics filters. As the system maintains a constant ratio of biomass and filter aid, users will benefit from continuous maximum filter performance. Used in combination with precipitation, this technology transforms harvesting from a two-stage process into a single-stage operation, saving valuable time and reducing footprint, says the company. — Sartorius Stedim Biotech, Göttingen, Germany