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This software suite integrates analytics and machine learning

| By Chemical Engineering

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Aspen Technology

Asset Performance Management (APM) is a complete software suite for site, process and equipment-performance management that combines process modeling with realtime big data and machine-learning solutions. The APM suite is designed to increase asset uptime, improve reliability, extend the life of equipment and achieve optimal process performance system-wide. The integrated suite of APM analytics provides prescriptive guidance to address multiple levels of asset performance, including: site-wide risk analysis via Fidelis Reliability software; process analytics to assess the root causes of process disruptions, predict future occurrences and prescribe actions to avoid them; and equipment performance analytics via Mtell software to predict when failures will occur. Also included in APM are pre-packaged analytics for column troubleshooting that use ensemble modeling to provide operational guidance, as well as advanced multivariate analytics for process and batch monitoring.— Aspen Technology, Inc., Bedford, Mass.