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This solidification absorbent streamlines transport and storage

| By Yelena Shamis

New Pig

New Pig

Absorb-&-Lock Liquid Solidification Absorbent (photo) is designed to stabilize and solidify excess liquids that separate out from industrial liquids in drums, bulk storage tanks, roll-offs and other containers before shipping and disposal. The loose absorbent contains large, highly compressed particles that work in a time-release action to reduce mix-off material separation during transportation. This absorbent is all-natural, biodegradable and more absorbent than traditional cob, sawdust or clay, according to the manufacturer. One 35-lb bag absorbs up to 21 gal of excess liquid. Furthermore, it is highly suitable for fuels blending, providing 7,500 Btu/lb with only 2.0% ash content. — New Pig Corp., Tipton, Pa.