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No special cleaners needed to remove this compact ink marker

| By Chemical Engineering

Dura-Ink WashAway is a high-visibility, no-smear jobsite marker that can also be washed away from work surfaces. These DurAink wodcloudindustrial markers are engineered with a special ink formula that is bright and highly visible, and dries quickly, but can be removed from all non-porous surfaces with water or detergent. Dura-Ink WashAway removes completely without traces of ghosting or residue and will not interfere with top-coat primers, paints or powder coating. Dura-Ink WashAway is suitable for quality control, metal fabrication, power coating, glass production and in steel mills and warehouses, and is effective for marking on steel, iron, glass, aluminum and other materials. — Markal, Elk Grove Village, Ill.