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Sulzer Chemtech begins licensing new polymer-recycling technologies

| By Mary Bailey

Sulzer Ltd. (Winterthur, Switzerland) is launching a portfolio of licensing technologies to enable carbon-neutral polymer recycling. The solutions address rising demand for a more eco-conscious, circular economy of plastic and for the decarbonization of industries as a whole. 

The latest addition to the licensing offering from Sulzer Chemtech leverages the company’s extensive experience in efficient separation and mixing technologies to meet growing carbon net zero and zero waste needs. The portfolio includes technologies for the chemical processing of hard-to-recycle mixed plastic waste as well as capture and utilization (CCUS) of the carbon-rich emissions generated by the recycling stages.

The different processes are fully scalable and can be implemented as a fully integrated system that uses mixed plastic waste as feedstock to produce high-quality products such as petrochemicals, hydrogen and captured carbon dioxide for downstream activities. Alternatively, the technologies can be adopted as stand-alone solutions within existing facilities.

Each single technology within the portfolio is designed to minimize energy requirements while maximizing performance and service life, reducing their operational costs and environmental footprint. Furthermore, Sulzer Chemtech is able to deliver customized setups to accommodate feedstock variability and specific processing needs, thanks to its large-scale testing facilities that can mimic commercial plants.

The latest technology licensing offering complements Sulzer Chemtech’s existing plastic recycling and CCUS portfolio. Backed by its expertise in the processing industry, Sulzer develops partnerships such as with Blue Planet, a leading carbon capture company in the USA, to support a wide range of applications in a variety of sectors, including decarbonization of the concrete industry.

Matthew Viergutz, Global Head of Clean Fuels and Chemical Licensing at Sulzer Chemtech, comments: “We are thrilled to offer our customers innovative, reliable and effective licensing technology packages that help drive more sustainable practices. Project developers can now use otherwise unusable pollutants of no value and turn them into valuable resources, supporting circularity and decarbonization efforts. We look forward to working closely with customers and our partners to implement these solutions within our customers’ facilities across the world.”