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Sweco to build Helsinki’s first green hydrogen plant

| By Mary Bailey

Finnish energy company Helen has selected Sweco Group (Stockholm, Sweden) as EPCM partner in the implementation of its first production plant for green hydrogen. Production of hydrogen is set to start in 2026, with the aim of supplying the heavy-duty transport sector. The excess heat from production will be utilised in Helen’s district heating network and is expected to increase the plant’s energy efficiency to over 90%.  

Helen is one of Finland’s largest energy operators and has worked with Sweco for many years. For example, Sweco has taken the role of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM) partner in several heating and cooling plant projects. The new 3H2 Helsinki Hydrogen Hub is Helen’s first hydrogen investment and it will be a pilot plant with the capacity of approximately three megawatts.

“Sweco has extensive experience of working as an advisor and EPCM partner to Helen and we have joint operating methods in place for smooth project delivery. This successful cooperation is now being extended to include Sweco’s considerable expertise in hydrogen, gained from numerous projects in Finland and also across Europe. It is fantastic to continue together towards achieving Helen’s carbon neutrality targets, as part of the ongoing green transition,” says Thomas Hietto, Business Area President of Sweco Finland.

As EPCM partner, Sweco is responsible for planning the project’s regional infrastructure, including architectural, structural engineering and plant design, as well as project management, procurement and site management services. The electrolyser and related equipment are designed, supplied, and installed by a different partner.

“The 3H2 project is the first of its kind in the world and combines four different sectors: electricity, transport, heating and hydrogen, and the flexibility between them. For Helen, hydrogen is an essential part of our new strategy, and we are committed to investing in the development of the hydrogen business. It is great to continue our smooth cooperation with Sweco by building Helsinki’s first green hydrogen production plant together,” says Sari Mannonen, SVP, New Business and Hydrogen of Helen.

In the energy transition, Sweco supports its clients by bringing together expertise in areas of strategic importance for energy supply. These range from renewable energy production, expansion of the electricity transmission and distribution grid, efficient energy consumption, and technological development in areas such as hydrogen energy storage, carbon capture and storage (CCS) and carbon capture and utilisation (CCU).