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Chemical Engineering

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Switches for precise measurement of gas/liquid flow

| By Gerald Ondrey

The FLT93 flow switch Series (photo) is suitable for flow detection of liquids or gases. FLT93 is a dual-function instrument capable of monitoring and alarming on both flow and temperature in a single device. FLT93 flow switches can be specified in either insertion or inline styles for installation in pipe or tube diameters from 0.25 in. and larger. In sensitive processes that require chemical and other additive injection flow in small line sizes, the FLT93L can detect liquid flowrates as low as 0.015 mL/s and gas flowrates down to 0.6 mL/s. Models FLT93S and FLT93F are insertion types and are designed for use with liquids and gases in larger-diameter pipe sizes. For sanitary processes, the Model FLT93C provides 20Ra electro-polished 316L stainless-steel wetted parts and tri-clamp sanitary flanges to meet the requirements in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. — Fluid Components International LLC, San Marcos, Calif.