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Tank cleaning capacityis expanded in Krems

| By Chemical Engineering

Operators of tanker and tank-container fleets now have access to a new eco-friendly cleaning facility in Krems an der Donau (in Lower Austria). In June, this company expanded its tank-interior cleaning center for all kinds of chemical products and foodstuffs by opening a third cleaning bay. The facility is not only able to clean tankers and tank containers, but also silo vehicles and tipper trucks. The special features of the new cleaning bay includtank celaning wce automated cleaning for dispersions and synthetic resins by machine, where the water and cleaning agents are recycled. This provides major improvements to the interior cleaning process and reduces water consumption and manual cleaning work. When removing any chemical residue with water pressure of 8 bars and a temperature of up to 90°C, only certified, environmentally friendly cleaning agents are used. — Imperial Chemical Transport GmbH, Krems, Austria